Advertising agencies What makes a good customer

What makes a good advertising agency?

When looking for one Full service advertising agency You will find a large number of service providers for your company on Google and other search providers. As such, all providers are of the opinion that they are the best agency. But what does one do qualityFull service advertising agency actually from? We have given some thought to this and, in our opinion, one of the most important factors goodadvertising agency written down. We have of course derived the factors from our own work motto and our company philosophy.

Comprehensive know-how:

The most important thing for an advertising agency that also offers web design is of course its own website. After all, someone who sells web design should also be proficient in web design. So if you have a qualityadvertising agency Looking for the relaunch of your website, then examine the website of the potential agency carefully. Is the website inviting and user-friendly? What is the loading time? Has the site been adapted for mobile devices? A possibly bad agency website does not have to mean that the agency has no experience in web design, but in our opinion it is a factor that enables an initial assessment of the quality of work. Just as you can use the website to review your web design skills, you should of course also use any other service area Full service advertising agency check: If you are looking for a video agency, then check your own videos, if you are looking for a social media agency, then see how many fans and likes the agency's Facebook page has. Before booking an agency, you should take enough time to review the most important factors and then weigh up which is the best agency for your assignment.

But it is not just the content-related expertise that decides whether an advertising agency is “good”. Good is of course to be viewed subjectively and, in our opinion, describes an advertising agency that implements your advertising measures to your full satisfaction and that you are happy to recommend. The technical know-how is essential, but the following factors also play a role:


The best expert is of no use to you if he cannot cope with the quota of your tasks. A high degree of organization and flexibility is required in order to be able to respond to inquiries and implementation requests at short notice at any time. If the next trade fair is coming up in two days and you still need 10,000 flyers quickly, a quick implementation on the same day can decide whether you can generate new customers or not.

Lack of flexibility is a common reason why companies have switched from freelancers to our agency. In order to be able to guarantee the highest possible degree of flexibility, we are constantly expanding our agency team. AWEOS currently leads a team of eight employees who are all able to process your inquiries. It doesn't matter whether it's a change to the website, brochure or your AdWords campaign. Whether you choose our advertising agency or a different one: Always pay attention to the number of employees and the level of organization in the agency, if these two factors are not right, delays can have a negative impact on your projects.

Advice and customer service:

That brings us to the next topic: Real customer service. As an advertising agency, you have to respond to the wishes of the customer, but also be able to fulfill an advisory function. A qualityadvertising agency will give you honest feedback on your advertising strategy and marketing measures. It often happens that customers have certain ideas that may not make sense for a variety of reasons. Here has to be a qualityadvertising agencyTalk to the customer openly and be able to imagine another option. Only through honest and open agreements can new insights be gained together that have a positive effect on your advertising measures. That is why we always advise our customers in an absolutely open and transparent manner. We always address problems directly so that they can be dealt with quickly.


What does transparency have to do with a good advertising agency? Quite simply: If customers are not included in the creation process of an agency, the designed marketing measures often have little relation to the reality of your company. Example: As a customer, you want modern, appealing advertising copy on your website. A bad advertising agency may misunderstand the order and also avoid agreements. After 2 weeks you will then receive a series of texts that you cannot do much with because the content has been missed. This is of course annoying for both sides.

In order to avoid such problems, you as a company should always be in close contact with the agency. In this way, deviations from the course can be quickly identified and corrected. A qualityadvertising agency will always try to involve you in the creation process. At the same time, there should always be price transparency. Additional costs should always be made clear and not simply "cheated". So before booking an advertising agency, get an exact cost breakdown in which no major deviations are possible.

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