Which color is good for the cross?


Primary colors

The color world of the German Red Cross is determined by the colors red, white and black. Together they form the group of the main colors of the DRK - the primary colors. They are used according to precisely defined specifications. In this way, you make your contribution to a uniform appearance. For a better overview, the exact color values ​​can be found under the item "Color table".


As a figurative mark, the red cross is part of the DRK logo. The color red is also used for all headings and sub-headings in the text and thus creates an eye-catching visual contrast to the body text (black). In addition, it supports the text and image messages of the media, for example in the form of a red colored area behind or a red banderole in front of the image elements on the title pages of the publications.

White and black

As the color for the protective space around the word and image mark, the color white ensures that the DRK logo is given space and thus not just visual meaning. In the overall context of the color scheme, the color white should be used generously and over a large area. White gives text and images space to "unfold" and creates a modern, contemporary look.

Black is used exclusively as a font color, as part of the word and image mark and in the body text of the individual media.