How can I start tutoring from home?

Tutoring - How you can get started today & the 3 most lucrative options

Tutoring is still in vogue and is an attractive source of income, especially for students.

Here you can find out ...

  • ... how you can immediately start as a tutor

  • ... the 3 most important ways to give tutoring

  • ... your fee as a tutor

  • ... our online form to give tutoring

  • Step 1: You fill out our online form (duration: approx. 1-2 minutes) and you will receive a response from us within 5-6 days at the latest

  • Step 2: When your account has been activated, we will find students for your subjects and classes

  • Step 3: You will receive double inquiries - on the one hand direct inquiries (to your profile) and on the other hand general inquiries for your subjects that you can accept

  • More flexibility: You can always flexibly decide for yourself which inquiries you want to accept and how long you want to give tutoring

  • More choice: You also have the option of accepting requests for online lessons and language lessons


"DEUTSCHLAND TEST and FOCUS-MONEY have taken a close look at the market for the seventh time. The Cologne-based analysis and consulting company ServiceValue asked people across Germany about their experiences with tutoring institutes: More than 1000 customers who have looked after their children in the past twelve months Had booked tuition, took part.
The newcomer made it directly into the top placements at its premiere. "(Source: Focus Money 48/20)

We were able to differentiate ourselves successfully from the other tutoring providers, especially in the areas of "price-performance ratio" and "qualification".

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Update May 24th, 2021: We are currently urgently looking for more tutors (f / m / d) for the current and upcoming school year 2021!


Giving tuition - the 3 options

You are spoiled for choice: There are roughly three different options where or about what you can give tutoring. You can find the main advantages and disadvantages here.

1st option: private tutoring

You have several options for giving private tuition: handing out flyers, asking friends / acquaintances, addressing your teachers / professors and spreading your offers on social networks.

  • New students can be found quickly and easily

  • Your target audience is limited

  • You get 100% of the tuition fee - but you have to negotiate this yourself

  • Sometimes private tuition is used because there are no regulations: The tuition is booked free of charge as an introductory appointment, the paid duration is reduced, hours are not paid because the grade was bad

  • You are more entrepreneurial because you have to find students yourself, advertise yourself, and negotiate your price

  • The student and the parents do not stick to agreements, simply skip appointments or cancel at short notice without paying you for them

  • If you find students from your circle of friends, you can adjust to the student better

  • You usually get a lower wage than if you teach foreign students "officially"

2nd option: tutoring platforms

The easiest way to start tutoring and find students is to contact a tutor so that they can find the tutor for you and take care of all the organizational and entrepreneurial issues.

  • Automatic placement of students

  • For some platforms there are agency fees or monthly costs

  • Attractive fee: You earn between 18 and 25 euros per 90 minutes

  • You cede part of your wages to the platform

  • Large target group, as online platforms reach schoolchildren all over Germany

  • You have to accept inquiries online in your account

  • Possibility of online tutoring and language lessons

  • You have to find your way around online and be somewhat digital (if you teach online)

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3rd option: tutoring institutes

Tutoring institutes often provide group tutoring in groups of 3 to 12 students, but some also offer individual tutoring. There are over 3,000 tutoring institutes and there is most likely one active in your city as well.

  • As with tutoring platforms, you don't have to worry about finding a student or the organizational side

  • Your tutoring depends on the current demand for your subjects in the area

  • Sometimes teaching materials are provided

  • You usually teach groups rather than individuals

  • You have a given place where the tutoring will take place

  • You have to go to the tutoring center (can also be an advantage)

  • You receive a fixed hourly wage

  • The fee is usually the lowest of the three options, as tutoring institutes have the highest administrative burden and have to pay their rent

Our big why: Improving the future of our students

Sure, it's a part-time job. You want to make money. But is that really "everything"? Our big goal and the purpose of the tutoring team is to simply improve the future of our students.

If you share this motivation, you've come to the right place! If you just want to earn money, that's okay, but then you won't fit in well with our team and you should look for another company.

If you have taught with us for a certain period of time, you can also get a certificate for your CV and a certificate for special achievements free of charge.

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We are currently urgently looking for more tutors (f / m / d) for the current and coming school year. Apply now and receive an increased starting fee!


Tutoring as a student - you should bring these 4 things with you

  • A lot of patience: Tutoring usually doesn't work in the same way as doing tasks in harmonious cooperation with a patient, motivated student who "comes along" quickly. Tutoring is given precisely because a lot has been missed, because the student is demotivated, has little enthusiasm for school and homework and / or because he has problems understanding things.

  • Empathy and pedagogy: As already mentioned, your tutoring students are not machines that cope with and understand tasks without grumbling and with endless motivation. In order to be able to give lessons at all, it is important that a productive relationship is established with the student. It won't be fun for either side, and it probably won't last long if there is no understanding and respect for the other side. It doesn't matter whether it is about tutoring in German or tutoring in mathematics.

  • The ability to explain complex issues in a simple way: After the other requirements mentioned above have been met, the teacher's ability to convey things decides how much the student really wants. This ability has a lot to do with psychology and pedagogy: The basis for success is to understand the student to the extent that one always knows exactly where to pick up the student.

  • The ability to distribute praise: A core topic in tutoring is not only the subject matter, but also maintaining the student's motivation and mood - and yes - that's your job too. If you are a positive, kind person who likes to motivate and inspire others, then you have one of the most important skills that tutoring needs.

Tutoring as a student - requirements

  • No official requirement !: You can give tutoring at any time, but you should be a professional in your subject and have the skills of a tutor. Then you can start looking for students!

  • Pay attention to the earnings limit !: The earnings limit is approx. 450 euros per month or 5400 euros per year (current, as of 2021).

  • Independence: Regardless of whether you give private tuition for your own account or for a tutoring company, you have to contact the customer or student independently, prepare the materials and lessons independently, and take care of new appointments independently, and last but not least: Man is usually responsible for whether or not lessons take place after the meeting.

Offer tutoring: Your tutoring job in 60 seconds

Tutoring online - how to get started

One of our core areas is online tutoring.

There are a total of 4 ways we can quickly find the right students for you:

  • 1) Direct inquiries to you personally

  • 2) General inquiries from your area for your subjects and classes

  • 3) Direct requests to you for online lessons

  • 4) In general, requests for your subjects and classes for online lessons

In addition, every tutor also has the option of offering (online) language lessons!

Tutoring - prices and payment

A very important topic for most students considering tutoring.

Which fee is fair and appropriate?

When giving tuition, you should not only take into account the teaching time, but also the travel time and, if necessary, the travel costs.

Thus, the hourly wage of a tutor should be 12 euros / hour and up.

As a benchmark: We offer a starting fee of 12 to 14 euros / hour (depends on the class level) and an increase of up to 16 euros / hour, depending on how long the tutor is active with us.

How can I give tutoring?

The easiest way to do this is to fill out our online form below. We will contact you within 5-6 days at the latest, activate your account and find the right students for you. Of course, you can also give online lessons.

By Lennox on January 15, 2019

I thought about giving tutoring again and came across the website of Two days later I found my first tutor in the area πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

By Victoria on December 17, 2019 enables you to find the tutor who suits you perfectly. Because a lot of tutoring requests are made to you, especially at the end of the semester, you can choose which child suits you best in terms of distance and other characteristics. The website is designed to be very intuitive and you feel well looked after in a friendly manner.

By Juliane Andrea G. on November 28, 2018

The tutoring team does a really good job. The processes are described in detail on the website and it is easy to get in touch with the staff (both by email and by phone). In addition, the placement of students with tutors is very quick and uncomplicated.

By Rahel on November 21, 2018

I can wholeheartedly recommend the tutoring team to both students who are looking for tutoring and teachers who are looking for tutoring students. The site is active and there are always inquiries.

By Georgone on 08/25/2018

Quite simply, quickly and easily. No problems with the payment of fees.

By Leotu on 06/21/2018

The is super organized and employee-friendly. This relates to the information provided, the fee and its increase, as well as the service hotline, which is helpful and reliable. To recommend!

By Nils on May 9th, 2018

I've been teaching for the tutoring team for over a year now and can only say positive things. The placement works without any problems, contact with the student can be established very quickly. Suggestions for improvement and criticism are always dealt with promptly, so that you can also help shape it. I like it much better than other tutoring agencies!

By Anna Geers on March 14, 2018

The mediation between tutors and tutors runs smoothly and everything is easy to understand thanks to the relatively simple structures.

Tutoring tips - 6 tips for the optimal tutoring lesson

We asked over 500 experienced tutors what the most important tips for THE perfect tutoring lesson are and the following six were given the highest ranking / best rated:

1. Stay positive and smile a lot

The student is sitting with you because he (or she) has bad grades and / or has a negative connection to the subject - until now! Take the gravity out of the student and stay positive and smile a lot. Nothing gives the whole lesson more ease and the student more motivation than when the teacher is positive and friendly.

2. Planning is everything

In any case, the tutor should already deal with the topic of the lesson before the tutoring, create a plan for the lesson and think about strategies for conveying the content to the student. For students with problems in the subject being taught, mere explanations are usually not enough; creative and good ideas are required.

3. Help, but don't speak

The aim should be to support the student in such a way that he can solve his tasks independently. This means that the necessary β€œtools” such as theories, vocabulary or arithmetic methods are explained and made understandable by the tutor, but the independence of the student should also be encouraged and demanded. This is the only way to achieve lasting improvements in student performance.

4. Focus on the student

The most important point, so that the tutoring really brings something for the student, is that the tutor should always deal with his student in the best possible way. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that they regularly exchange students and teachers: What are the problems and challenges of the student? What is the main problem?

5. Let the student determine the time and place

The students who take private tuition often associate school material, homework and studying for the next exam with negative experiences. It can therefore be very helpful to let the student determine when and where they would like to meet the tutor. There may be a special place where the student is relaxed and can concentrate better.

6. Don't forget the fun

Often there is a burden on children who take private tuition, but in any case the great pressure from their teachers and parents, who are trying to make the child perform better and are desperate. The tutoring should therefore be structured as positively and loosely as possible: The most important thing is a sense of achievement for the student that brings new motivation and positive support!

FAQ about tutoring

Tutoring - what do I have to consider?

When it comes to tutoring, it is important that you have patience and empathy in order to be able to build a relationship with your tutor. You also need the ability to explain complicated issues in a simple way. Stay positive and smile a lot, be friendly and plan your classes. The main thing is that you have fun and motivation in the tutoring.

How can I give tutoring?

You can give private tuition as an independent tutor, e.g. by handing out flyers, asking around at acquaintances, friends or in the social network. You can also register with a tutoring platform. The tutor will then find the tutor for you. At tutoring institutes you can give group tutoring or individual tutoring.

Can I give tutoring?

Anyone can become a tutor. For example, you can give tutoring as a pupil or student. It is suitable as a school or part-time job and offers an attractive source of income.

How can I give tutoring as a student?

You can always start tutoring. It is only important that you are well versed in a subject and that you can explain this to a tutor with patience. If you have the skills of a tutor, you can start right away and look for students.

How can I offer myself as a tutor?

If you want to offer tutoring, you can give private tutoring (handing out flyers, friends / acquaintances / teachers, social network) or you register with a tutoring portal that is looking for tutoring students for you.

How can I start as a tutor?

You fill out our online form here and we will contact you within 2-3 days and activate your account. Then we will find students for you based on your subjects and classes. You can give on-site classes as well as online classes and language classes.

How high is the fee with you?

The fee is 13 to 16 euros per hour. You collect cookie points and thus steadily increase your fee. Cookie Points are for pretty much anything that takes us forward, but most of all there are points for teaching.You can pause at any time and flexibly decide for yourself which inquiries you want to accept and when and where you would like to teach.

Why should I tutor you?

Because we ... nanana have the cookie points! Cookie points drive away evil and ... continuously increase your fee. In addition, you will receive inquiries in two different ways - almost twice: You can accept inquiries from your area for your subjects and classes and you will receive direct inquiries to yourself personally. In addition, you can also teach any student online and - if you are qualified - you can also give language lessons. Apart from that, we are always open to criticism, look forward to feedback and always work together with our tutors.

You can find more tutoring tips here!

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