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10 Top Stanford University Online Courses

10 Top Stanford University Online Courses

1. Game theory

Game theory explores rational decisions under uncertainty. This course is for you if you want to understand the theory behind the movie "A Beautiful Mind" or if you just want to win the next round of poker with your friends.

2. Organizational Analysis

In this Stanford MOOC on the topic of Organizational Analysis you will learn about different theories about human behavior in companies and apply them to specific cases. The findings are on many types of company applicable: From a large corporation to a greengrocer's around the corner or a non-profit association. As a participant, you will learn about various theories on business organization and corporate structure and how to apply them as a manager.

3. Scientific writing

The Scientific Writing course is for all natural scientists and those who want to become one. Nowadays, a solid understanding of one's own subject is no longer enough to make a career as a scientist. You have to be able to communicate your own knowledge to others. It does not matter whether you communicate your own research results to a customer or give a presentation to a scientific congress. You may not see academic writing as your greatest strength right now. After taking this online course, however, you will likely be surprised at how much your academic writing has improved.

4. Introduction to mathematical thinking

The Stanford Introduction to Mathematical Thinking course is not primarily intended for mathematicians, but rather for anyone who wants to learn to systematically approach problems in their work and personal life. The course is recommended for anyone who wants to learn to think like a mathematician.

5. Understanding Einstein: The special theory of relativity

Understand Einstein: The special theory of relativity makes the complicated matter of the theory of relativity understandable even for people who have no background in physics. This Coursera course already had 30,000 participants. Lecturer Larry Lagerstrom has received very positive feedback on the Coursera website.

6. Audio signal processing for music

We're including the Stanford MOOC Audio Signal Processing for Music in our list of the 10 best Stanford University online courses because it has a good mix of music and programming. Participants are trained in sound processing for the music industry and other areas of application. If you have at least a beginner's knowledge of music theory and the Python programming language, then you will benefit from this course.

7. Cryptography

Cryptography has never been more important than it is now. Today we are largely dependent on computers and the Internet. Data protection is therefore a constant issue. This Beginners course imparts basic knowledge in cryptography. Those who successfully complete the course can continue with the advanced course in cryptography II.

8. Donations 2.0: The MOOC

Almost everyone donates to charitable causes. But only a few consciously concern themselves with how them can achieve the most with your donation. In the Stanford MOOC Donations 2.0: The MOOC teaches you how to do the most good with your donation.

9. Human rights and women's health from a global perspective

This course gives an overview of important topics that affect women and girls from birth to old age: education, HIV / AIDS, equality in the labor market, war and displacement, women in old age. The course is particularly suitable for participants who work in the health sector.

10. Machine learning

Machine learning is the technology behind self-driving cars and automatic speech recognition. Machine learning engineer is one of the most exciting and lucrative jobs right now. Stanford University's Machine Learning course provides a general introduction to machine learning. The course is suitable for beginners.

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