Buying Apple Intel a good move

Apple Switch on Intel just brilliant advertising for Macs?

reading light wrote:

If you read how hot the Mac platform is being discussed in Windows forums, how much desire it arouses to install it more or less legally on a PC and that it has already been possible to port something like this black to any PC, it would be an ingenious move by Mr Jobs to now say: "We'll stick with the Powerchip".
Motto: Hold the sausage out to the dog and then pull it away again increases the desire.
It is the most successful switcher campaign to date since the invention of the iPod.

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i have a lot of confidence in the marketing strategist jobs, but i think it's too late for a reswitch, he has slammed too many dishes at ibm for that ...
but the desires on the pc side are certainly desired. also that at the moment it is still possible to get the versions of mac os to run quite easily on pc's is more of a tactic than just making work easier for the developers ...
however, according to the dev. Versions come to the first finals, so nobody needs to be under the illusion of getting mac os running properly on normal pc's. nor is the tcp implemented properly. once it has been implemented in the kernal of mac os, it will be almost impossible to bypass it.

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