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"People struggle to survive every day"

Aachen. The children's mission organization 'Die Sternsinger' looks at the situation of children and their families in Southeast Africa with great concern. With "Kenneth" and "Idai" two hurricanes had devastated the region within a few weeks. Millions of people continue to struggle with the consequences of tropical storms and are threatened by hunger and disease. The aid organization of the carol singers supports the emergency aid of its partners in the affected countries, so that the local people can be provided with the most necessary.

“The situation in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi remains dire. Entire villages were wiped out, the crops and livelihoods of many families completely destroyed. People struggle to survive every day, ”says Magnus Brüning, head of the international department at the Kindermissionswerk. “Many children only live with their families under tarpaulin because they have lost everything. The heavily damaged infrastructure makes the transport of relief supplies, especially in rural regions, an often unsolvable task. The nutritional situation is exacerbated by the heavily silted soils, on which new sowing is not yet possible, ”reports Brüning. “Malaria is also spreading and is difficult to get under control. In some places, every second person suffers from it. Our partners do everything to help people and do an excellent job under the most difficult conditions. "

The Kindermissionswerk works with 13 partners in the affected countries. In Mozambique alone, around 3,200 children are cared for in the supported projects. In the Mozambican coastal city of Beira, the partner Sant’Egidio distributes aid to those affected in its centers. Volunteers cook meals for the children and provide the families with oil, grain, sugar and salt. The most urgent needs are still drinking water, food, anti-malarial drugs and vaccinations against cholera.

After the first catastrophe as a result of cyclone "Idai" in mid-March, the Kindermissionswerk supported its partner organizations in the affected region with emergency aid amounting to 100,000 euros. An emergency aid fund was also set up to help people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. "We are very grateful for the generous donations with which we can support our local partners so that the affected children and their families have a chance of survival," says Prelate Dr. Klaus Krämer, President of the Kindermissionswerk, Die Sternsinger ’. “But the need is still great and people are dependent on help in the long term. Therefore we ask for further support. "

2,000 projects worldwide every year

Around 2,000 projects for children in need around the world are supported by the children's mission organization 'Die Sternsinger' every year. In 2017, the children's aid organization of the Catholic Church in Germany made income totaling around 77.7 million euros for its work. Projects in 114 countries were funded. In addition to promoting children's aid projects, the work for the rights of children worldwide and educational work are among the tasks.

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