What are some Atari two player games

Retro games for iPhone & Co.

Ping Pong HD

Published in 1972 by Atari for arcade equipment, "Pong" became the first world-wide popular video game. The tennis or table tennis game convinces with a simple two-dimensional graphic. The aim is to be the first player to reach ten points. In single or two player mode you play against Android or against another human player. Alternatively, play with your left hand against your right hand.

»Download: Ping Pong HD for Android (free)

Pong Classic

In the Pong version, you play against the computer. Three levels of difficulty are available. However, even at the "Normal" level, the controls make a victory against the iPhone or iPad seem hopeless.

»Download: Pong Classic for iOS (free)


The brightly colored "Breakout" was also a black-and-white game when it was released in 1976, and the last game of its kind to be realized entirely in hardware. By the way, Atari's lead developer was Steve Wozniak, who founded the Apple computer company with Steve Jobs in the same year . “Smash” already looks a bit more elegant today. The gameplay has not changed: Break blocks until you have lost all lives. Two game modes, background music and of course color enliven the sometimes monotonous or frustrating game of skill.

»Download: Smash for Android (free)
»Download: Smash for iOS (free)

Space Invaders Retro Blaster

Since 1978, “Space Invaders” has helped schoolchildren spend a lot of time in vending machines. In Toshihiro Nishikado's shoot 'em up game, the player controls a cannon at the bottom of the screen. Alien spaceships approach from the upper edge and must be eliminated. The only protection against the attacking invaders is formed by a few blocks, which, however, cannot withstand the attack by the attacker or the player for long. The player loses a life if a spaceship is hit or landed on the ground. When all three lives are used up, the game is over.

»Download: Space Invaders Retro Blaster for Android (free)

Snake '97: the retro classic

The game "Snake", which has been installed mainly on Nokia mobile phones since the 1990s, goes back to a first version by the American Peter Trefonas. He programmed the game, still under the title "Worm", for the Tandy home computer TRS-80. You steer a snake through a playing field and take in food. The line grows longer with every bite. Touching other snakes, plums, one's own tail or the edges of the playing field leads to immediate death. "Snake '97" revives the monochrome tinkering in Nokia optics.

»Download: Snake ’97 for Android (free)
»Download: Snake '97 for iOS (free)

Asteroids HD

In the shoot-em-up published in 1979, you are supposed to avoid asteroids. In the middle of the picture is a small triangular spaceship. Asteroids fly around this spaceship in chaotic order. You control the spaceship using buttons. You shoot at the celestial bodies flying around until they have shrunk to the size of pebbles and finally disappeared. At the arcade machine this still worked reasonably well with the joystick, the touchscreen operation via virtual buttons requires some training time.

»Download: Asteroids HD for the iPad (1.79 euros)

Solar System Lander

Also in 1979 the Atari classic game "Moonlander" or "Lunar Lander" was released. The game simulated the landing of a lunar module. The aim was to touch the rugged surface of the moon as gently as possible using key controls. In the Android version, color comes into play, there are three planets (moon, Mercury and Venus) available for landing attempts, the controls are similar to the original: one button for thrust, three buttons for directional control or to abort the attempt.

The iOS clone offers very reduced graphics and the planet Jupiter as the only landing place.

»Download: Solar System Lander for Android (free)
»Download: Solar System Lander Full for Android (0.79 euros)

»Download: Jupiter Lander for iOS (0.89 euros)


It became colored on the video game machines in 1979. "Galaxian", a shooter that is strongly reminiscent of "Space Invaders", was the first arcade game with real RGB display. Three buttons, two for left and right, and a fire button was all the player needed to make life hell for an overwhelming number of alien ships.

»Download: Xalaxians for Android (free)


And colorful it goes on: 1980 the hungry Pac-Man, in Japan still under the name Puck-Man, appeared on the scene. The game character has to eat points in a maze while chasing the ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. If you eat a “power pill”, the ghosts (now colored blue) become food themselves. The mobile version of Bandai Namco works identically, only other mazes, tournaments and annoying in-app purchases are added.

»Download: Pac-Man + Tournaments for Android (free)
»Download: Pac-Man + Tournaments Lite for iOS (free)
»Download: Pac-Man + Tournaments for iOS (5.99 euros)


Konami developed "Frogger" in 1981, a game of skill that caused some frustrating moments in the author's life. A frog is said to be safe across a busy road and then across a river. So nice to avoid the cars and since the frog cannot swim, he crosses the river using turtles and drifting tree trunks as platforms. Crocodiles or snakes lurk here as additional dangers. "Froggy" comes very close to the pixelated charm of the original.

»Download: Froggy for Android (free)

Block rogue

"Block Rogue" most closely resembles the sliding box puzzle "Sokoban", Japanese for warehouse manager, published in 1982. In keeping with the simple game principle, the hero Ilbin wandered through awesome 325 dungeons in the present game and solves as many block puzzles in the process. Using touch controls, you can move stone blocks and rock balls onto certain floor slabs, which act as a mechanism to open the gates to new rooms. A mysterious book served as motivation, the pages of which Ilbin found in the dungeons and pieced together little by little. The only company for the lonely hero are speaking wall mirrors, which give some hints about the story and the game mechanics. Many identical sayings (from the mirror) and recurring puzzles cloud the "endless fun" promised by the developer.

»Download: Block Rogue as iPhone version (0.89 euros)
»Download: Block Rogue HD as iPad version (0.89 euros)
»Download: Block Rogue as Android version (0.75 euros)


In 1984 the Russian programmer Alexei Paschitnow developed the puzzle game "Tetris". The first color version appeared in 1985 and subsequently sparked a license dispute that lasted for years. The principle of the game is well known: the player rotates tetrominos (figures consisting of four squares) that are falling from the top of the rectangular playing field in 90-degree steps. The player then shifts these to the left or right so that horizontal rows with as few gaps as possible are formed at the bottom. As soon as a row of squares is complete, it disappears.

»Download: Tetris for Android (free)
»Download: Tetris for iOS (free)

Flarble badness

As an Atari slot machine game from 1984 onwards, “Marble Madness” drove players to white heat. The play figure, a ball, was controlled by trackball, after porting it to the computer, with a joystick or with the mouse. The aim was to control the ball safely over three-dimensional surfaces, to prevent falling into the abyss and to avoid various level effects such as ice surfaces or computer-controlled balls. This game principle brings "Flarble Badness" to Android devices and gives a good impression of how hectic the original could get.

»Download: Flarble Badness for Android (free)

Dragon Quest 1

The player slips into the role of the descendant of the legendary hero Erdrick and embarks on a journey through the historical world of Alefgard. In cute, but not exactly eye-flattering 8-bit graphics, you fight nasty opponents and solve puzzles on the way to the cave of the dreaded Dragonlord! The legendary role-playing game, developed by Enix in Japan in 1986 and captivating millions of players, appears on mobile devices with the look of yesteryear, only the controls are tailored to the needs of modern touchscreens. If you want to immerse yourself in the history of the role-playing game, if you want to experience turn-based battles and long walks of the hero through pixelated landscapes, the texts written in ancient English don't bother you either. A fine nostalgic trip!

»Download: Dragon Quest 1 for Android (2.69 euros)
»Download: Dragon Quest 1 for iOS (2.69 euros)

Final Fantasy

Barely a year later, in 1987, the Japanese game company Square followed suit and brought out the first part of the legendary role-playing game series "Final Fantasy". You will embark on an adventurous journey with the fighters of light in order to restore the extinct crystals to their holy shine. Numerous role-play elements such as the side view in fights, the choice of profession at the beginning of the game and the class upgrade within the profession or the vehicles with which one can travel the world were woven into the story in the first part of Final Fantasy.

»Download: Final Fantasy for the iPhone (7.99 euros)
»Download: Final Fantasy for Android (6.99 euros)

Double dragon

From 1987 onwards, the godfather of all fighting games, "Double Dragon", delighted players who were not too peaceful. Alone or in pairs, you take on the role of the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, who fight their way through the levels in order to free a kidnapped girl named Marian at the end. Fighting is done with fists, legs and objects that are lying around or that you take from opponents. If you play in pairs, the fratricidal fight is at the end, because the maiden waves to the sole winner.

»Download: Double Dragon for Android (2.69 euros)
»Download: Double Dragon Trilogy for iOS (2.69 euros)

Leisure Suit Larry - Reloaded

Also in 1987, Sierra inspired the gaming world with the adventure game “Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards”, which was slippery for the time. In the first part of the series, you steer the protagonist Larry Laffer in a white polyester suit through different places such as a bar, a casino or a supermarket in search of his dream woman. Erotic and funny elements are interspersed in the game, with Larry's failure at the center. The new version for mobile devices impresses with its significantly better graphics compared to the EGA graphics of the original. The Android app comes as a demo. Only when Larry orders a taxi in Lefty's bar will you buy the remaining levels for 3.85 euros.

»Download: Leisure Suit Larry - Reloaded Demo for Android (free)
»Download: Leisure Suit Larry - Reloaded for iOS (4.49 euros)


The shoot'em-up game "R-Type" is one of the best-known representatives of the genre. The first part appeared in 1988. In the early games, the player controls a combat spaceship called the "R9A Arrow-Head". During the game, the player flies through levels scrolling sideways. He tries to shoot down as many of the enemy objects and enemies as possible and at the same time avoid collisions and enemy fire. At the end of each level, the player faces a powerful and great boss opponent. The touchscreen version for smartphones and tablets gives a rough impression of the nerve-racking battles.

»Download: R-Type for Android (1.79 euros)
»Download: R-Type for iOS (1.79 euros)

Sonic CD

In 1991 Sega brought out the Sonic Team's debut: "Sonic the Hedgehog". Originally developed for the Mega Drive, the fast and witty hedgehog soon became a cross-platform platformer icon. For over a decade, Sega's Sonic fought head-to-head with Nintendo's mascot Mario. On the plot: Mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik (later also known internationally as Dr. Eggman) keeps the animals living on Sonic's planet trapped in evil robots in order to abuse them as slaves for his world domination plans. Only Sonic is up to him. In order to free the animals, he pursues Dr. Eggman up to his steel fortress Scrap Brain and defeated him there. On the way, Sonic collects, with a bit of luck, six secret Chaos Emeralds, which offer the player an alternative ending. "Sonic CD" lets the rivalry between Sonic and Dr. Revive Eggman on mobile.

»Download: Sonic CD for Android (2.62 euros)
»Download: Sonic CD for iOS (2.69 euros)

Street Fighter 2 Collection

Street Fighter is a 1987 beat-em-up video game series from Capcom. The second part of the series, which received more attention, appeared in 1991. You can also fight with the characters Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile or others in the app, which includes the parts “The World Warrior”, “Champion Edition” and “Hyper Fighting” exotic backdrop. You can also fight virtually with friends via Bluetooth.

»Download: Street Fighter 2 Collection for the iPhone (3.59 euros)

Marathon 1

A classic shooter is now spreading its noisy atmosphere on iOS devices. Bungie Software released the game in 1994 for the Apple Macintosh. Daniel Blezek developed "Marathon 1" with the permission of Bungie Studios, which released the source code, graphics and sound as open source years ago. Marathon appeared in the heyday of the 3D shooter genre and competed with Doom at the time. About the story: Defend the marathon colonization spaceship against the aggressive Pfhor in 27 levels. Players can purchase high-resolution textures (EUR 0.89) or cheats (EUR 0.89) via in-app purchase if required.

»Download: Marathon 1 for iOS (free)