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Information about optimized charging on the iPhone

With iOS 13 and later, the iPhone remembers the rhythm at which you charge it in order to improve the life of the battery.

The lifespan of a battery depends on its chemical age. However, this is not simply the time that has elapsed since they were installed. The chemical age of a battery depends on a complex combination of several factors, such as: B. of temperature profile and charging cycle. All rechargeable batteries are wearing components and their performance decreases with increasing chemical age. The higher the chemical age of a lithium-ion battery, the lower the amount of charge it can hold, and thus also the battery life and maximum performance. Learn more about the iPhone's battery and performance, and how to increase battery life and life.

iOS 13 and later uses the Optimized Battery Charging feature to reduce battery drain and improve battery life by reducing the time iPhone is fully charged. When the feature is enabled, the iPhone will delay charging beyond 80% in certain situations. IPhone uses machine learning on the device to learn how to typically charge it so that optimized battery charging is only activated when the iPhone predicts that it will be connected to a charger for an extended period of time. The algorithm aims to ensure that your iPhone is still fully charged when it is unplugged.

"Optimized battery charging" is enabled by default when setting up the iPhone or after updating to iOS 13 or later. To turn it off, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health> Optimized Battery Charging.

When Optimized Battery Charging is turned on, a notification on the lock screen will let you know when the iPhone will be fully charged. If you'd like your iPhone to fully charge sooner, press and hold the notification, then tap Charge Now.

If "Optimized charging of the battery" is not activated

Optimized charging is designed to only take place in the places you spend most of your time, such as at home and at work. The function is not activated if your usage behavior is variable, for example when you are traveling. Because of this, some location settings for Optimized Battery Charging must be enabled for the feature to work. None of the location information used for this feature is sent to Apple.

The following settings must be activated:

  • Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Location Services.
  • "Settings"> "Privacy"> "Location Services"> "System Services"> "System Customization".
  • Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services> Important Places> Important Places.
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