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Selfie sticks comparison 2021

  • A selfie stick is used to take a selfie of yourself or with several people. The advantage is that all people can be seen and no arm can be seen in the photos.
  • The way a selfie stick works is very simple. A cell phone is placed on the selfie holder and extended by telescope. Then the photo is taken at the push of a button.
  • The connection between smartphone and selfie stick works via Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

Selfie sticks - selfie sticks with Bluetooth and AUX cables in comparison. If you want to take a picture of yourself or several people, we speak of a selfie. These images have become indispensable, especially in the social media category. The selfie stick has almost replaced the digital camera with self-timer.

Often times, people take photos of themselves and others in front of sights to confirm that they have been there. The devices are also popular for action shots. An action cam with a selfie stick is often used.

Selfie sticks are not only suitable for smartphones. There are also selfie sticks for tablets. In addition to photos, you can also record a video with the selfie stick.

The problem with selfies is that the photographer's elongated arm can usually be seen in the picture. This can be prevented with a selfie stick. In addition, taking photos with a mobile phone telescopic pole is more convenient.

In a selfie stick comparison 2021, we explain how a selfie stick works. We also tell you which criteria you should pay attention to when buying a telescopic pole for your cell phone. This is how you will find your personal selfie stick test winner in a selfie stick test in this buying guide.

1. How do selfie sticks work?

Selfie sticks are suitable for a wide variety of situations.

Selfie sticks can be used for all cell phones. It doesn't matter whether you take a selfie with the iPhone or use the selfie stick for a Samsung Galaxy. There is therefore also a selfie stick for the iPhone 7, for example.

A selfie stick is just a metal rod that is equipped with a telescopic device and a selfie holder for the mobile phone. You can extend and retract the rod. A Gopro selfie stick fits in every handbag.

Aluminum is usually used as the material for the selfie stick. According to a selfie stick test, cheaper variants are made from plastic mixtures.

Mount the smartphone on the upper end of the selfie stick. At the bottom there is a handle with a button. This is also known as the selfie button.

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What is bluetooth

Bluetooth is a special radio technology. Data can be transmitted over a short distance. This technology has been standard in electronic devices since the 1990s. The Danish King Harald Blauzahn is considered to be the developer.

When you press it, the photo is taken. To do this, of course, you first have to open your camera app. If you use the selfie stick for an iPhone, it works differently than with an Android smartphone. Even with a Samsung cell phone, you first have to find the right setting for a selfie stick.
The smartphone is often used with a tripod. Then the monopod or monopod is used. You can also connect the monopod to a selfie stick. You can also get more details on how to do this in a monopod test.A clamping mechanism is usually used as a fastening variant. In this way, the smartphone can be firmly attached to a selfie stick and cannot fall off even when moving faster.

The selfie stick or the selfie stick is both longer and thinner than the human arm. Therefore, the rod of the Gopro selfie stick cannot be seen in the photo later. Any hand tremors are also well balanced. So a noise-free image is created.

If the selfie stick is no longer used, the Bluetooth connection or the AUX cable can be disconnected. The pictures are now available in the gallery of your mobile phone. They can then be shared on various social media platforms.

2. What types of selfie sticks are there?

There are of course different types of selfie sticks. These differ primarily in their functions.

The main difference, however, lies in the type of connection. We would therefore like to introduce you to selfie sticks with AUX cables and selfie sticks with Bluetooth in the following table.

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Selfie sticks with AUX cables
  • Cable connection is established very quickly
  • The cable is connected to the smartphone
  • does not require its own power supply
Selfie sticks with bluetooth
  • Also known as a wireless selfie stick
  • The connection can be set up quickly by simply switching on the Bluetooth mode
  • Compatible with both smartphone and iPhone
  • Power is supplied by rechargeable batteries or batteries
  • The battery must always be charged

3. How do you find your best selfie stick with our buying advice?

Which selfie stick you buy depends entirely on your individual needs. Do you use the device for your own hobby or does it have to be a selfie stick for professionals?

In addition to the area of ​​application, there are many other factors that you should consider when buying. In the following you will find out what these are and what you should pay attention to.

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3.1. Pay attention to high quality material

When choosing the material, high quality is important. Inferior plastic quickly becomes porous and brittle.

Good materials are aluminum and carbon, as well as other light metals. They are characterized by their robustness and are very safe to use.

3.2. The area of ​​application and the type of connection are related

If you only want to use the selfie stick for amateur shots for your hobby, a standard selfie stick is sufficient. However, if you want to make professional recordings, you should also ensure a constant Bluetooth connection and an appropriate battery life. In this case, a Gopro stick with a trigger can also be useful.

If the battery is not fully charged, the selfie stick may not work properly.

If you want to use a selfie stick by the water, the device should have appropriate protection. This must be taken into account with a selfie stick for iPhone 7 as well as for a Samsung Galaxy S7.

3.3. Connection type must be comfortable

There are selfie sticks that work wirelessly or by cable.

There are two types of connection: wireless and wired. You have to decide for yourself what you find more comfortable. A selfie stick test can also be helpful.

The models with a cable connection do not have their own power supply. Therefore, the cable must always be connected to the device. However, connecting and disconnecting the cable will cause natural wear and tear.

You do not have this with a Bluetooth connection. Simply connect your smartphone to the selfie stick. The energy supply succeeds either with rechargeable batteries or batteries.

In the following overview we have put together some advantages and disadvantages of selfie sticks with a Bluetooth connection.

  • Setting up the Bluetooth connection is quick and easy.
  • Once the Bluetooth connection has been established, the full range of functions is available.
  • No annoying cable is necessary.
  • Most devices are compatible with all cell phones.
  • The battery must be sufficiently charged for use. If this is not the case, the selfie stick cannot be used.

3.4. Pay attention to the length

A maximum length of 130 cm is sufficient for everyday use. If you have something special in mind with the selfie stick, you should of course pay attention to the length when buying it and decide individually whether it is the right size.

According to a selfie stick test, a selfie stick with zoom can then be advisable.

4. Are there selfie sticks at Stiftung Warentest?

Selfie sticks have not yet been scrutinized by the Stiftung Warentest in a selfie stick test. But its US partner magazine Consumer Reports has already carried out a test for selfie drones.

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5. Which manufacturers of selfie sticks should you know?

You can get selfie sticks from manufacturers such as Hama or Khalia.

  • Khalia
  • iStabilizer
  • Miholi
  • Hama and
  • Rollei.

The Khalia brand specializes in the photo sector and also offers its own selfie sticks. Although the manufacturer only has a relatively small selection, the products convince with their high quality and durability.

The manufacturer iStabilizer offers small tools and gadgets for everyday use. This includes tripods, cameras, photo lenses and key rings. Branded selfie sticks are widely available. This includes models with both Bluetooth and cable connections.

Cullmann also offers selfie sticks. The high-quality SMARTselfie Easy Bluetooth selfie stick is very well known.

Hama also has a wide range of products. A total of 18,000 products are available from this brand. Your selfie sticks score with high quality and functionality. The inexpensive selfie sticks are also an advantage. These devices are particularly suitable for beginners.

Rollei is a traditional company from Germany. It was founded in 1920 and is now a leading manufacturer of single lens reflex cameras. The manufacturer also offers accessories for photography. This also includes selfie sticks.

Tip: If you are interested in tripods, we recommend that you take a look at a monopod test. Find out more about the monopods here.

6. Questions and answers about selfie sticks

6.1. Where are selfie sticks prohibited?

Selfie sticks are seen as a safety risk in museums and amusement parks as well as at major events. Therefore they are forbidden there.

One reason for this is an incident at a Disney amusement park in California. There, a visitor extended a selfie stick during the roller coaster ride.

6.2. Are selfie sticks just a trend?

Selfie sticks are practical and handy.

Taking photos with a selfie stick is definitely a trend. However, this has already established itself so strongly that it has become an indispensable part of our lives.

Especially since it is also a big advantage over just taking photos with a cell phone. Therefore, it is likely that these devices will be around for a long time to come.

6.3. Are selfie sticks embarrassing?

Nobody has to be embarrassed using a selfie stick. Of course, in some situations it is inappropriate to use such a stick. This is the case in the cinema or theater, for example, where people want to concentrate on the film or the play.

6.4. Where and by whom was the selfie stick invented?

The inventor of the selfie stick was Wayne Fromm. In 2001 he developed the extended holder for the smartphone including remote control. In 2005 he patented the invention. The device has been marketed under the name Quikpod since 2011.

Foneso Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Currently available from € 20.99
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compatibilityFrom iOS 4.0
from Android 4.2
Max. Length in cm83 cm
What is the maximum height of the tripod?The maximum height of the tripod of the Foneso Bluetooth Selfie Stick is 72 cm.
BlitzWolf Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod
Currently available from € 19.99
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compatibilityAll iOS systems
all Android systems
Max. Length in cm67.9 cm
How heavy is the BlitzWolf Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod?The BlitzWolf Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod weighs 148 g. The tripod is also characterized by the fact that it is very stable and yet small and handy.
Bovon Selfie-Stick Tripod-Black
Currently available for € 21.24
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compatibilityFrom iOS 11.0
from Android 8.0
Max. Length in cm133 cm
"Can the selfie stick be easily removed from the Bovon selfie stick tripod?""Yes, the selfie stick can be removed without any problems. When used as a tripod, the Bovon selfie stick tripod can also take pictures of groups. The remote control extends over a distance of 10 meters."
Bofon selfie stick tripod
Currently available from € 13.99
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compatibilityFrom iOS 4.0
from Android 4.2
Max. Length in cm64.2 cm
For which systems is the Bovon selfie stick tripod compatible?The Bovon selfie stick is compatible for iOS systems from version 4.0 and for Android systems from 4.2.

Which are the best selfie sticks from our selfie stick test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal selfie stick test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Foneso Bluetooth Selfie Stick - from 20.99 euros
  • 2nd place - good: ATUMTEK Bluetooth selfie stick tripod - from 27.99 euros
  • 3rd place - good: BlitzWolf Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod - from 19.99 euros
  • 4th place - good: Bovon Selfie-Stick Tripod-Black - from 21.24 euros
  • 5th place - good: Bovon selfie stick tripod - from 13.99 euros
  • 6th place - good: SYOSIN selfie stick tripod - from 14.99 euros
  • 7th place - good: Naohiro Selfie Stick Tripod - from 13.99 euros
  • 8th place - good: Syosin Selfie Stick - from 12.99 euros
  • 9th place - good: Elegiant tripod selfie stick - from 10.99 euros
  • 10th place - good: Bovon Selfie Stick W1 - from 11.04 euros
  • 11th place - good: Bovon Selfiestick OTH-AB201 - from 14.99 euros

The good news first: The selfie sticks comparison does not contain any product that scored worse than "good". You can choose between the following selfie stick models: 1 "very good" selfie stick and 10 "good" selfie sticks.

4 of the 11 products from the selfie stick comparison come from one manufacturer - Bovon can thus stand out from the competition due to the increased number of different "good" and "very good" selfie sticks.

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How many manufacturers are compared in the selfie stick comparison?

In the selfie stick comparison, the editors compare 7 different manufacturers for you in order to offer you the best possible buying advice. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Foneso, ATUMTEK, BlitzWolf, Bovon, SYOSIN, Naohiro or Elegiant. More information "

In what price range are the models from the selfie stick comparison or test?

The most expensive selfie stick from our selfie stick comparison currently costs 27.99 euros, for the cheapest selfie stick you only have to calculate 10.99 euros. More information under Selfie-Stick Test. More information "

Which selfie stick has the most customer reviews?

With 16,179 reviews, the SYOSIN Selfie Stick Tripod received the most customer reviews on Amazon. However, the average best reviews received the ATUMTEK Bluetooth selfie stick tripod. More information "

How many of the 7 different manufacturers were rated "VERY GOOD"?

The only model rated "VERY GOOD" is the Foneso Bluetooth Selfie Stick. More information "

Which selfie stick models were compared or tested?

All in all, there were 11 different selfie stick models including:

  • Bovon Selfiestick OTH-AB201
  • Bofon Selfie Stick W1
  • Elegiant tripod selfie stick
  • Syosin Selfie Stick
  • Naohiro selfie stick tripod
  • SYOSIN selfie stick tripod
  • Bofon selfie stick tripod
  • Bovon Selfie-Stick Tripod-Black
  • BlitzWolf Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod
  • ATUMTEK Bluetooth selfie stick tripod
  • Foneso Bluetooth Selfie Stick
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What are customers looking for selfie sticks looking for?

The most popular alternative term for selfie stick is Bluetooth selfie stick, followed by synonyms such as selfie stick Bluetooth and selfie stick. More information "