Who commented on Dory looking for Nemo?

Finding Nemo 3: Who's Disappearing This Time? Or is it going to go on completely differently?

Finds Dorie comes to the cinema and it is to be hoped that the doctor fish is healthy and happy with all the loved ones in the end. After Finding Nemo was a great success at the time, 13 years passed before the lovable character Dorie got a follow-up film. Whether there will be a third part is still in the stars - but it is by no means excluded!

Pixar has always represented the philosophy that a sequel only comes when there is a gripping idea for it. At Pixar it is not the box office that determines, but the storyline - the reasons for a sequel are inherent in the work and not purely commercial in nature. For this reason we have been waiting a long time for Toy Story 4 or even longer and more grueling: The Incredibles 2. And Finding Nemo is now 13 years ago, what turned the teenagers of that time into adult people.

Finds Nemo 3: a third sequel possible?

At the start of the weekend, Finding Dorie was able to bring in $ 186 million. As already mentioned, however, this plays a secondary role for Pixar when deciding on a sequel. Nemo was the second most successful film after Lord of the Rings at the time and that still didn't lead to a quick implementation of a sequel. So this time you can be pretty sure that you can prepare for a longer break after Finding Dory, but the wait does not seem pointless and hopeless.

Andrew Stanton, director and writer at Pixar, spoke to EW in more detail about the plans and the commercial-artistic stance of Pixar. After all, he does not categorically rule out another sequel:

I never stopped saying because a bunch of new characters are also being introduced and we've expanded the universe a lot in the new movie. As far as I know, everything that was born out of the first film is in a bag. But we will see.

So the door is not closed, but it is by no means wide open and the desk is filled to the brim with possible ideas for another deep-sea film. After all, you can be sure that Pixar won't come around the corner with a half-baked third story because they want to take the money with them or satisfy the fans who can't get enough of this universe. The studios are about telling a good and new story. Stanton's current position is that this is now over in the Nemo universe, but that does not mean that this opinion cannot change as well. The idea for Finding Dorie was also a coincidence, which happened while reworking Finding Nemo into a 3D version.

Images: Pixar / Disney