What poisonous spiders are in Puerto Rico

In the realm of the poisonous animals of Costa Rica

Poisonous animals in Costa Rica

As practically all over the world, numerous species of poisonous animals can also be found in tropical countries. If from Poisonous animals When talking about it, one inevitably thinks of poisonous snakes, scorpions and spiders. Especially among the insects there are sometimes considerably poisonous representatives, for example some monstrous species of ants, which can easily reach 1 - 3 cm in length. (24-hour ant). With its powerful jaws or spines you can Ants cause painful injuries. Anyone who spends a lot of time in nature has to expect to encounter poisonous animals from time to time. The sting of the most notorious of all ants, the 24-hour ant, can mean death in allergic reactions, cruel pain and fever for around 24 hours! Last but not least, this ant species is more feared by the locals than poisonous snakes and Scorpions!

The bushmaster, the great lance viper (Terciopelo) and the coral snake are among the most dangerous Poisonous snakes in Costa Rica.

It can have fatal consequences if the highly poisonous coral otter is mistaken for one of the harmless and non-poisonous representatives of the king snake.

A relatively common venomous snake is the raptic lance viper, the only one of its kind that can be lemon yellow (almost exclusively in the Caribbean)

But one thing is certain: neither snakes nor scorpions Tarantulas appear en masse, it takes luck to even see animals like that!

In Costa Ricathere are 15 types of venomous snakes, bites of most of them can mean death or mutilation for humans, if no antiserum is available within a reasonable period of time, even then there is no guarantee that the victim will survive. (Serum shock due to intolerance). Fortunately, such fatal contacts with these poisonous reptiles are extremely rare.

Encounters with the extremely poisonous sea snake are rare on the Pacific coast, while sea snakes are completely absent on the Caribbean side.

Not only are there poisonous animals, but there are also many Toxic plantswhich can cause unpleasant consequences: Plants similar to our native nettles, which can cause severe pain and allergies when touched, thorns on tree trunks and branches which can dig deep into the flesh when touched and then break off easily, the consequences are very painful and fast festering wounds, sharp-edged leaves that cause deep cuts ..... the arsenal of such plants is huge! So let's keep in mind: you also have to be careful of the flora!

It's no joke: the chances of being struck by a coconut are a lot higher!
Among the hairy caterpillars there are representatives that cause very painful burns when touched. In Puerto Viejo (Caribbean), children's playgrounds have to be closed from time to time, as such caterpillars can appear en masse.

Ants, scorpions, poison dart frogs, Centipede, all kinds of toads, tarantulas and last but not least all kinds of biting, stinging and sucking insects are further representatives in the realm of poisonous animals.

For your active trips of all kinds, especially in the jungle, good shoes (no flip flops !!), appropriate clothing (long trousers, T-shirt or a light sweater) are appropriate, as well as an effective remedy against mosquitoes and the like.

A good and healthy mind is just as important as being careful when dealing with unfamiliar people Animals and plants, best hands off and just look with your eyes! Accidents with poisonous animals can mean a quick end to a wonderful trip.

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