Can I take part in IAS coaching before graduation?

Individual coaching for job seekers

Intensive funding is a key factor in successfully integrating jobseekers into the labor market. The focus is on professional perspectives, based on the personality, potential and health status of the people. The GFN helps jobseekers individually and personally with targeted individual coaching. We consider the strengths of each individual person - for a sustainable strategy for reintegration into working life.

In direct individual coaching, our experienced job and health coaches, in cooperation with doctors and psychologists, evaluate exactly what needs each person has and what measures offer the best opportunities in order to support your customers personally and individually.

Our goal: Long-term integration into the job market

The individual coaching takes place as part of a comprehensive job coaching approach, with which we achieve the best possible support for job seekers. Our services include:

Note on Corona: During the Corona crisis, your customers can also take part in the coaching from home. Contact us!

  • JobIMPULS method for status determination *

    * please note that this may already be done as part of GFN Checkpoint | IAS took place.

  • Motivation through individual support
  • Concrete support for integration
  • Further modules such as job and health coaching as well as health checks can be individually adapted
  • Comprehensive final report
  • Individual, flexible, modular individual coaching

All measures are aimed at long-term reintegration into the labor market. As an AZAV-certified company, the GFN has developed methods for this purpose, which can be funded with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) in accordance with Section 45 SGB III.

Individual coaching: intensive analysis, advice and training

GFN InJob | ICO is aimed at all jobseekers and offers tailor-made offers, including for academics, job returnees, long-term job seekers, the poorly qualified, people with health problems and young and older job seekers (under 25 or over 50 years of age). The individual coaching tailored to the respective target groups has a modular structure and can, if necessary, be combined with other AVGS measures. The duration of the measures is designed for a period of a few weeks to half a year.

With GFN InJob | ICO we offer your customers various options:

  • Job coaching PLUS physical and mental health
  • Job coaching with JobImpuls
  • Operational work trials
  • Stabilization after starting work
  • Accompaniment in other legal circles SGB XII, pension proceedings

GFN InJob | ICO consists of various optional modules that complement each other and all have a common goal: to make your customers fit again for the first job market. Here, individual coaching offers an optimal addition to conventional consulting methods - and thus significantly higher chances of success.

Nationwide individual coaching

We offer GFN individual coaching for jobseekers in our 34 training centers throughout Germany. In addition, if necessary, we use numerous partner locations throughout Germany for our individual coaching and other measures for successful professional integration.

Further advantages for participants and payers

In addition to the specific measures, your customers benefit from exclusive access to the GFN job network, which they can use online. Our coaches also have a lot of experience and valuable contacts; Job seekers benefit from this network - this is proven by our placement rates.

We offer our individual coaching and further training measures at 34 locations in Germany; if necessary, we can also flexibly rent additional rooms close to your customers. The aim is to integrate people long-term and sustainably into the primary labor market and to enable them to lead a self-determined life without being permanently dependent on transfer payments. We would be happy to inform you about our individual coaching in a personal meeting.

GFN CheckPoint | IAS - integration assessment

Our coaching strategy consists of two components: Upstream before GFN InJob | ICO we also offer a compact integration assessment called GFN CheckPoint | IAS on. Here we create an analysis of the hard skills and soft skills as well as the health requirements of the participants. The aim is to determine how the participants can be reintegrated into the labor market and which measures are advisable for this. A maximum of five days is set as the time frame.

GFN CheckPoint | IAS also individually without subsequent GFN InJob | ICO can be booked. To analyze the strengths and competencies of the individual, we work with the scientifically sound and tried-and-tested measurement method that precisely identifies the strengths of the respective person. In addition, other important factors such as emotional intelligence, social skills, resilience or leadership qualities are recorded in a personal conversation with a GFN coach.