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Last updated on October 25, 2016 at 7:11 PM

Is it a phenomenon that women suddenly want one thing more often? Where are the times when men complained about migraines and such? They are probably over. In my circle of friends and acquaintances and according to women's magazines, women want more and more often than men. Whole books are published on this:

They prefer to have a "do it yourself experience". Really now, heard a lot lately. Do not quite understand. Have men around forty suddenly become the migraine creatures?

My theory about this: In the past, women hardly had the opportunity to be freely inspired by sexual practices. Let's think about the time before the internet. For men there were always brothels, whorehouses etc. What could women do or where could women get tips from? As a woman, you couldn't even order a porno booklet in the tobacconist's shop without being looked at crookedly. The same thing with the rental VHS videos in the "over 18 areas" in video stores at that time. No woman ever went out alone with a VHS video key without being stared at at the cash desk.

Now there is you-p…, xxx… p. and everything possible, anonymously and for free and available at any time on the Internet. Woman has also got used to looking at everything. Woman has also got used to rethinking her cravings and yes, woman now wants to try too. Woman now also gets relevant offers on social media forums. And that stresses a man, after all, he has to rethink his role.

And suddenly every Fiftiy Shades of Gray is ...

Is that why we are too dominant? Do we scare men off? Especially with our posts & tweets etc., on which we can show independence and a certain form of attractiveness and sexuality at the same time completely socially accepted. I do believe that this plays along.

Let's call him an alpha male, he has everything under control, except for your postings. She asks other men for IT tips, gets tips from men and then even compliments, because at almost 40 you look pretty "handsome". Nice. She also gets clear offers & penis photos, but from others or men. Why do men send "do it yourself pics" via Facebook when they should know that they will soon be (could) be eliminated by Fuc ......? I don't freeze anyone anyway, but why do I get almost forty penis photos with me?

It's just something different to send something to a normal woman than to a professional. It probably feels better, it sure is some form of domination and power.

Woman has also become more self-confident. If you ask women online about their porn review behavior, there are many posts like that:

Dear gentlemen! Thanks to the Internet, we now have the same opportunities as you to inform us. Like it or leave it. Or think about the whole thing. That doesn't mean that we don't like to be “women”, at least many of us do. Man google:


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