What are the exercises

Uebungen.ws is one Fitness Exercise Databasewhich contains videos and explanations of all known exercises. The exercises are divided into categories for each muscle group. The above navigation takes you to the muscles and exercises.

Based on the broad mass of the population, the most famous fitness exercises are probably the push-ups, the sit-ups and the biceps curls. They are known not least because they can also be performed at home and because at least the first two exercises are often integrated into school or club sports. Nevertheless, the correct execution has to be learned. On the way to more physical fitness, the study of sometimes complex movement sequences is a hurdle that has to be overcome. Because an incorrectly executed exercise is ineffective - in the best case. In the bad case, an incorrectly performed exercise does not increase physical fitness, but is harmful to health.

Exercises that contain complex movement patterns and therefore appeal to numerous muscles at the same time are popular in weight training. These exercises are called basic exercises. The basic exercises include the deadlift, the squat, and the bench press - just to name the three most popular ones. Isolation exercises are the exact opposite of basic exercises. You will only train one muscle when done correctly. The extent to which this makes sense for increasing physical fitness is the subject of an ongoing debate.