Why are sphinx cats always cold

Sphynx cat

The diet of the Sphynx

For a healthy diet, the Sphynx should receive high-quality food with a high meat content, because cats are naturally carnivores. Since needs change in the course of a cat's life, it is advisable to rely on special food for kittens, adult animals and senior cats: Kittens are very playful and need a high proportion of protein to build muscle mass and body substance. Kitten food therefore has a different composition than, for example, senior food. It may also be advisable to switch to a food that is tailored to urinary tract problems, kidney diseases, digestive disorders or obesity.

Sphynx kittens should be given at least four rations a day to avoid putting too much strain on the digestive system. In the further course of the first year of life, the rations can be divided into two to three meals. Kitten food should be given until around the age of one. If, for one reason or another, a change of food is planned, then do this very carefully: Mix an increasing proportion of the new food with the usual one every day so as not to confront the cat with an abrupt change.

Tip: Due to its hairlessness, the Sphynx may have a slightly increased appetite for other cat breeds. This is due to the fact that it cannot keep the body heat comparable, which is why it needs a little more energy.