How does Steve Bannon affect world politics?

Activists expose Steve Bannon's new fake news network

Steve Bannon has again spread fake news through a number of Facebook groups. This was revealed by the cyber activism organization Avaaz. Overall, the right-wing publicist and former advisor to the outgoing US President Donald Trump reached almost 2.5 million people with the seven largest appearances, reports the technology blog "Gizmodo".

Repeat offenders

It's not the first time Bannon has been caught spreading fake news on the social network. Avaaz campaign director Fadi Quran told Gizmodo that his team identified the Bannon ring through an "influencer analysis" and featured frequent guests on Bannon's podcasts and on pages related to Bannon's previous "We Build the Wall "association. The Avaaz team consists of 40 activists and data analysts.

It was found that Bannon's Facebook Pages tended to post the same content at the same time. In order to avoid fake news flagging on Facebook, Bannon used a trick: The links were shared via the link aggregator "Populist Press" in order to deceive Facebook's detection mechanisms.

Criticism of Facebook

Quran also criticized Facebook directly, because for him the question arises how Bannon always manages to outsmart the social network. Because before the election, Facebook announced that it had assigned over 35,000 moderators for the last US presidential election. Despite these resources, however, it ultimately takes a small organization like Avaaz to figure out the trick. One is getting tired of doing this work for the group.

In the previous week, Facebook banned two videos by Bannon in which lies had been spread about the US star doctor Anthony Fauci and the FBI director Christopher Wray. Before the videos were taken offline, they had over 200,000 views.

Avaaz continues

Quran also stated that Facebook had previously been made aware of a network of 180 Bannon-affiliated sites and groups that had exchanged misinformation. Now Avaaz wants to focus on fake news regarding the US state Georgia, where two runoff elections for the Senate are pending in January. (Florian Zsifkovics, 11.11)