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Ranking list

Ranking list is a game mode in Overwatch.

It is intended for players who want a bigger challenge. As part of seasons, players can compete in rankings and earn special rewards.

Start [edit | Edit source]

Players who have reached a level of 25 can enter the queue for the mode via "Play"> "Leaderboards". The option has not yet been enabled for players under level 25 to ensure that players have familiarized themselves to a certain extent with the game before participating in ranked matches. Rank, however, must first reach a level of 25 in order to unlock the option. Individual players or groups (of a maximum of 6 players) can take part in the ranking.

Game [edit | Edit source]

As soon as the player or group is in the queue for a ranked match, the game searches for suitable teammates and opponents. If two teams are found, a random card is chosen for the match.

If the card is an attack or escort card, two full games are played so that each team can play once in attack and once in defense. If a team wins both rounds, it also wins the match. If each team wins a game, a second round is played according to the time reserve system. The teams play on the same map again, but now have the time left that they did not use in the first round. The winning team of this round wins the match. In the case of attack and hybrid cards, a tie is also possible after the second round.

If the card is a control card, only one full game is played. But in order to win a ranking match on a control map, a team has to take three out of five randomly chosen target points (instead of the normal two out of three in the quick search).

For another ranked game, the player or group must re-queue.

Ranks [edit | Edit source]

Players are classified in the ranking using a point system, which ranges from 1 to 5000 points. Points can be gained through victories in ranked matches and lost again through defeats. Leaving a ranked game prematurely will result in an additional deduction of points; if this occurs again, a ban can be imposed for the rest of the season.

The score is called the level of play. In each season you first have to play 10 placement matches, after which an initial assessment of the game level takes place. After the placement matches, the level of play will be adjusted after each further ranking match; In the case of lost matches, the level of play is reduced; in the case of won and undecided matches, it is increased.

Based on the level of play achieved, the players are divided into the following level ranks in ranked mode:

  • Bronze (1 to 1499)
  • Silver (1500 to 1999)
  • Gold (2000 to 2499)
  • Platinum (2500 to 2999)
  • Diamond (3000 to 3499)
  • Master (3500 to 3999)
  • Grand Masters (4000 to 5000)

Once players have reached a level up to and including diamond, they can no longer descend from this level, even if their level falls below the limit for the respective level. From the levels of master and grandmaster, however, players can descend to the next lower level if their level of play drops below 3500 or 4000 points. Players in the game level from diamond also lose 50 points per day if they do not play a ranked list match for more than 7 days.

In addition to the game level, you can achieve a place in the top 500, which are individually managed for the respective region. However, in order to get into the top 500 you have to win at least 50 matches after the 10 placement matches.

Matchmaking and groups Edit source]

In matchmaking, the game tries to bring players together with a level of play that is as close as possible to each other and to have them compete against a team with a level of play that is as similar as possible.

If you enter the matchmaking queue as a group, the average game level of the group is calculated and taken into account for matchmaking. In order to prevent unfair influences on matchmaking, only groups whose level of play differs by a maximum of 1000 points (between the highest and lowest ranked player in the group) can take part in ranked matches. In the master and grand master game level, group members may have a maximum of 500 points apart.

Seasons and rewards Edit source]

Ranked matches in Overwatch are played seasonally. A season is played over a period of 2 months, with the exception of the second to fifth season, which lasted 3 months. Each season begins for a player with the 5 placement matches.

Players can earn various rewards by participating in the current season. So you get 15 ranking points after every game you win and 5 ranking points for every tie. For 3000 ranking list points you can buy a golden weapon in the hero gallery, which can then be used in the game. The golden weapon is a cosmetic change that has no advantages or disadvantages in terms of play.

In addition, every player who has completed the 5 placement matches in a season receives additional rewards per role at the end of the season. Regardless of the performance during the season, you will receive a player icon and a spray with the motif of the current season. Players who made it into the top 500 during the season will be rewarded with a special additional icon and spray. According to the highest game level reached during the season, you also receive a certain amount of ranking points:

  • Bronze: 25 ranking points
  • Silver: 50 ranking points
  • Gold: 100 ranking points
  • Platinum: 200 ranking points
  • Diamond: 300 ranking points
  • Master: 450 ranking points
  • Grandmaster: 650 ranking points

There is an upper limit of 6000 points for ranking points. This has the effect that from a score of 6000 ranking list points you will no longer receive any further points for won or undecided matches. However, the reward at the end of the season is not affected by this soft upper limit and is always given.

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