How is a blue steak prepared

Prepare steak

an overview of the cooking levels

When preparing steak, it is an art that desired cooking level to hit the point. Many grill masters are of this opinion, but actually it is with a little know-how Not hardto cook the steak perfectly.

On this page you can find out what you have to pay attention to when preparing a steak and what characterizes the individual cooking levels.



How to properly prepare the steak?

If you want to grill a steak, the right preparation is essential. In order to prepare the meat perfectly for the grill, you have to do this out of the fridge on time to fetch. That means that grilled food should be at the latest one hour must be taken out of the refrigerator before grilling, so that the meat Room temperature can accept.

Would you like to prepare a steak that is still in the freezer you must thaw it gently and slowly. It is best to put this in the fridge the evening before the barbecue - here you can Thaw it slowly and under refrigeration.

If you forgot to take the steak out of the freezer and don't want to prepare an alternative, then there is one little trick:

For this you need one Metal pot, one cooking pot with hot water (not boiling) and the meat. Turn the metal pot upside down and place the flat frozen steak in the freezer bag on top. Now put the saucepan with the warm water all the way up. The metal pot dissipates the cold from the meat and it thaws quickly and gently after a few minutes.

When preparing steak, always make sure to sear the meat on both sides over direct heat. The time it takes for searing depends on the thickness of the steak. Once the desired cooking point has been reached, the steak has to be cooked for a few minutes over indirect heat rest. During this time, the heat and meat juices are distributed even further in the meat and the Core temperature increases by 2-3 ° C at.

When preparing the steak, season it about 20 minutes before grilling salt pepper comes on the meat just before serving.

The cooking levels of the steak

Everyone likes their steak differently and that's why the art of a big barbecue is the steakperfectly tailored to each guest. Here you can see an overview of the cooking levels - with this knowledge you can prepare steaks according to your taste.

Almost raw

  • German: blue
  • English: very rare

description: The steak is only cooked on the surface, i.e. only briefly and lightly grilled. The inside is completely red and raw and only slightly warmed. The fibers will remain unchanged if you cook the steak this way. The core temperature is 38 ° C.


  • German: bloody
  • English: rare

description: If you prepare the steak in this way, the surface of the meat will be cooked a little further than with the blue setting. The steak is browned gray-brown on the outside. However, the inner core is still red, raw, and slightly warmed. The core temperature is a maximum of 49 ° C.

Slightly bloody

  • German: english
  • English: medium rare

description: If you prepare a steak at this level, it will be intensely browned on the outside, but still very juicy on the inside. The middle part is red, but already warmer than rare. The meat juice is dark red. The core temperature here is 52 ° C.


  • German: pink
  • English: medium

description: The steak will have a strong, medium-brown crust if you cook it medium. Inside, only the middle layer of the meat is colored pink. When cutting, a pink meat juice comes out. The core temperature is 57 ° C.

Almost done through

  • German: half pink
  • English: medium well

description: The crust of the steak is crispy and dark. The middle part is still light pink. If the piece of meat has been cooked to the point and almost cooked through, a light pink meat juice will appear. The core temperature is 62 ° C.

Well done

  • German: by
  • English: well done

description: The crust of the steak is strong, dark brown to black. The inside is completely cooked through and brown. There is little light yellow meat juice and the meat is no longer tender, but harder. The core temperature is 74 ° C.

Preparing steak: the pressure test for the cooking levels

There is one to test the degree of doneness without having to cut the meat simple trickthat you can use to prepare steak. What is meant here is that Ball of the hand test. With this you can use the ball of your hand to feel the current cooking state of the steak.

Bring different fingers together for each cooking state and use the index finger of the other hand to test the pressure exerted by the ball of your hand, below your thumb. Depending on which fingers you bring together, you exert a different pressure and muscles tense. This one State of tension Compare with the consistency of the steak you are currently preparing - you will already know the current degree of doneness.

You have to bring the following fingers of one hand together:

  • Rare: Test the pressure of the palm of your hand without bringing your fingers together
  • Medium rare: Thumb and forefinger
  • medium: Thumb and middle finger
  • Medium well: Thumb and ring finger
  • well done: Thumb and little finger