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Providing feedback to narcissists

Providing feedback to narcissists


Criticizing narcissists will feel like a massive physical attack. To narcissists, this seems like the annihilation of their own person. Depending on the relationship and context, the exaggerated reaction falls out - sooner or later. Sometimes the answer can even come much later if you no longer expect it. It can be open or hidden. One thing is quite certain, however: Narcissists do not forget even supposed attacks. They want to return the favor, no matter what the cost.




Is it worth the effort?


Even from your point of view, harmless constructive feedback, narcissists often go too far. They see it as an insult and take it personally. So, be careful and exercise the utmost instinct, as a bomb disposal device would.
Before addressing bugs, think about whether you really want to, despite the risks. Usually, insight is not to be expected. Depending on the situation, expect hypocritical insight, excuses, blame or emotional reactions such as outbursts of anger.




Emotional reactions


Stay calm during outbursts from narcissists. It is part of the favorite behavioral repertoire of narcissistic personalities. Such people know how to manipulate others. Learn to recognize their manipulation techniques.






If you dare to criticize a narcissist anyway, package it up well. Feed narcissists a great deal of decent praise. You deliver the following criticism in small bites. Do you think that is exhausting? Me too!

There is one thing you can forget at any rate; to change narcissistic personalities. You will not bring them to insights or establish an eye-to-eye relationship. These are pointless attempts.




Typical statements made by narcissists


  • That didn't happen.
  • And if it did, it wasn't relevant ..
  • And if it does, it doesn't matter.
  • And if you do, it's not my fault.
  • And if it did, I didn't mean it that way.
  • And if you do, you deserve it!