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Lang-Göns finds better solutions and wins the derby against Lollar

LANGGÖNS - Langgöns (po). In the men's handball regional league middle, TSV Lang-Göns once again underpinned its current good form on yesterday's Sunday afternoon. In the local derby against a weakened HSG Lollar / Ruttershausen, the hosts were largely sovereign and ultimately won deservedly with 31:28 (14:10).
TSV Lang-Göns -
HSG Lollar / Ruttershausen 31:28
The bottom line was that HSG coach Sören Asboe also had to state: "We deservedly lost and had difficulties with Lang-Gönser's flexible defense throughout the game and often found no defensive solutions," summed up the trainer.
Already in the 11th minute of the game, the home side had pulled away 6-3 with a hit from their backcourt ace Robin Jänicke, while the Lollarians had to deal with some systemic changes due to a few failures. Shortly after the restart, the blue-whites had finally increased their leadership cushion at 15:10 to five hits.
"We basically play a good game and manage to keep pulling away. But then we have weaker passages on our part and we let the HSG come back," complained Michael Razen, trainer of TSV Lang-Göns. In fact, Lollar's runner Simon Semmelroth had shortened it to 21:24 in the 47th minute of the game, bringing his colors back within striking distance.
In the further course of the game revealed the typical derby fight between both parties. But especially on the offensive, the hosts had a broader line-up to offer and so kept surprising the guests with new solutions. When Moritz Ceh scored in the 57th minute with a seven-meter throw at 30:26 in favor of the home team, it was precisely this that had essentially narrowed down their own success.
"Compared to the way we played just a few weeks ago, that's a lot better. We are taking our steps in the right direction, but we still have a lot of work to do," said Razen.
Lang-Göns: Schmidt, Alflen; Funke, C. Jänicke (2), R. Jänicke (3), Weigel (6), Schmitz, Ph. Engel (1), Ceh (8/6), Zapf (2), Lang (3), Tietböhl (2 ), Pa. Engel (3), Voss (1).
Lollar / Ruttershausen: Dud, Anthes; Schwellnus (2), Mühlich, Semmelroth (4), Graf (2), Lindenthal (1), Schlapp (2), Grote, Hupel, Los Santos (5), Ziehm (12/6), Schuchmann, Brücher
Referee: Solf / Harms (Fulda / Alsfeld). - Spectators: 250. - Time penalties: 2: 8 minutes. - Seven meters: 8/6: 6/6.