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Manchester United - Luke Shaw on training sessions with Zlatan Ibrahimovic: "... then you are dead"

Manchester United full-back Luke Shaw remembered his time with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. "He was crazy. I think he was exactly what we needed in the locker room," said the 24-year-old during the FIFA Combat Corona tournament organized by Gareth Bale and a selection of Premier League players Fight against the coronavirusTwitch:"He was amazing. He made a lot of jokes, but when things got serious and he had to speak a word of power, you could tell."

The Swede made a lasting impression, especially in training. "I think he was a born winner," said Shaw, adding, "Even if he didn't win small training games and you were on his team, he was ready to kill you."

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Ibrahimovic made sure that everyone improved, according to Shaw. "He got the best out of you. He didn't let us slack off because if you're on his team and you lose, you're dead," noted the Englishman.

Shaw on Ibrahimovic: "Everyone loved him"

The 38-year-old was widely recognized by the entire team. "You can ask anyone on the team, it was like that. I think everyone loved him and it was disappointing that he was seriously injured [knee injury 2018, editor's note]."

Ibrahimovic, who is currently under contract with AC Milan, laced his shoes for the Red Devils between 2016 and 2018 before moving to LA Galaxy. For the English record champions he scored 29 goals in 53 competitive games.