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Steven Universe Review: is it good and worth watching?

Steven Universe is the first Cartoon Network animated series to be created entirely by a woman. Rebecca Sugar, who is the creator and writer, does an excellent job telling the story of a boy with superpowers. With unique characters and bright imagery, Steven Universe generated a cult following. It's an underrated show that deserves your attention.

1. Brief overview

Steven Universe, created by Adventure Time graduate Rebecca Sugar, tells a story that focuses on topics such as love and kindness. Steven, along with the rest of the Gems, doesn't hesitate to use their powers while battling monsters, but he makes sure that there are no other options.

The importance of LGBTQ issues and the character design make this show unique. The story that forces the characters to become better versions of themselves will make you thought-provoking. It's a fresh cartoon that has flown under the radar but deserves your attention.

2. Info & Watch Links

Steven Universe

Air date: September 4, 2013 Status: Done Studio: Cartoon network Number of seasons: 5 Number of episodes: 160
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3. Is it worth seeing?

Steven Universe won a GLAAD media award in 2019 for outstanding children's and family programming and was the first animated series to win. It won a Peabody Award in 2019 and was nominated for five Emmy Awards.

I. Action

Delmarva Steven Universe is set in the fictional town of Beach City and introduces us to a group of timeless alien warriors known as The Crystal Gems. They protect the earth from monsters and other aliens of their kind who want to cause great damage to the earth. The cadre is made up of garnet, amethyst, and pearl, all of which project feminine humanoid shapes.

The gemstones in the middle of their core give them strength and shape their personality. Former leader of the gem Rose Quartz gave up her life to give birth to her half-human, half-gem son, Steven. He lives with the gemstones and tries to find out his powers and responsibilities.

Gradually we learn that a group of gemstones known as diamonds wanted to conquer the earth and shape it into a dystopian society of rigid rules. Rose quartz led a violent uprising against their species and has since tried to protect the earth and its people.

II. Cast & Characters

The title character of the series is Steven, the half gem, half son of rose quartz. He goes on adventures with the gems while trying to take control of his powers.Throughout the series, he develops the ability to fly, conjure up an impenetrable shield, and fuse his bodies with the other gemstones to combine their strengths through fusion.

Steven always sees the best in everyone and tries to empathize with their problems. His basic decency and helpfulness make him a good role model for children.

The gemstones all have different personalities driven by the magical gemstones at their core. Garnet is the group leader and the tough, no-nonsense type with a hint of mystery around her. Amethyst is the immature who is always Steven's criminal partner for his jokes and pranks.

Pearl is the lithe, calm personality of the group. All three treat Steven like their younger brother and look after him. They tell him about his mother and her past exploits that helped save the planet.

III. design

During the development of the series, Sugar and her brother drew many sketches focusing on the lifestyle of the alien gems. She wanted to create a universe and was inspired by video game characters and real places like many of the beaches and sidewalks in Delaware.

Steven is based on her younger brother and like a person, although raised comfortably, always strives to create their identity. Art Director Kevin Dart was instrumental in simplifying Rebecca's ideas to ensure future production teams could get involved.

Sugar wanted the characters to resemble people so that Steven could have an on-screen family experience and go through various ups and downs together. The primary color of the characters red, blue and yellow as well as the light color schemes make the show visually appealing.

4th grade

History: A-

Cinematography / Animation: A-

Music: B +

Direction: A-

5. Final thoughts

Steven Universe is definitely worth watching, it's a healthy cartoon that highlights important qualities of empathy and the need for close personal relationships. It is not a girly cartoon as many people think and can teach many valuable lessons to your family.

The themes of love, caring, forgiveness, and empathy are all covered in the show, which teaches fundamental lessons for life.

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