How intelligent are giant Flemings

The name Flanders is one of the most glamorous in European cultural history. It stands for a cityscape that has no equal on the continent: with Bruges as the historical center, with Ghent and Antwerp, which impressively combine the great past and the dynamic present. Lions and Mechelen are hardly behind, and the restorers were able to put their extraordinary cityscapes back into perspective. The author introduces authentic Flanders to the reader with lesser-known communities such as the gems Diest, Lier, Oudenaarde or Damme. Brussels, the capital of Belgium and metropolis of the European Union, offers its own image and history. Flanders offers a great variety of cultural aspects in a very small space, an inexhaustible wealth of architecture and art that still allows lovers and connoisseurs new discoveries. Flanders is also part of the Burgundian tradition, which is perhaps precisely why Flanders is also a country of connoisseurs. In addition to the exquisite cuisine and the grandiose variety of its beers, Flanders can throw a special pound into the scales: excellent chocolate and pralines. The author Detlev Arens, who has been traveling Belgium for years, only recommends addresses to his readers that have convinced him himself.

Nature, culture, history: Flanders and the Flemings, history, gallery of important personalities, from the kitchen and cellar. Itineraries: West Flanders: Bruges, Damme, Lissewege, Veurne, Diksmuide, Ypres, Poperinge, Kortrijk; East Flanders: Ghent ...; Province of Antwerp: Antwerp, Lier, Mechelen ...; Brabant, including Brussels, Halle, Leuven ... Limburg: Tongern, Maaseik, Hasselt, Sint-Truiden ... Travel information from A to Z, numerous maps, floor plans and plans.