What is aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy?

Approaches to aromatherapy

In short, aromatherapy could be described as stimulating the mind and spirit to bring the body into harmony and thereby heal itself. As with many naturopathic treatments, the symptoms can worsen before the improvement occurs. This is seen as "cleaning". First of all, all undesirable substances must be removed from the body so that it can devote its energy to healing. (Please be sure to note our section "Product knowledge")

The therapeutic use of essential oils is extremely diverse and contributes to their attractiveness and uniqueness. At the simplest level, the essential oils are used as a natural perfume, aromatic bath additive or home remedy. They can also be used for stress-relieving massage. In addition, trained therapists or doctors use herbal essences to treat serious illnesses.

The spectrum of aromatherapy uses can be divided into five areas. If no strict dividing lines can be drawn between the individual approaches, such classifications prove to be helpful, at least in the short term. The five areas are:

- simple aromatherapy for home use

- Cosmetic aromatherapy and perfume making

- Psychotherapeutic use due to the psychological effects

- massages

- medical and clinical aromatherapy, where essential oils are used to treat ailments.

Aromatherapy regards the body and mind as a unit. While the scent of essential oils can affect feelings, the chemistry of the oils has a positive effect on the body.

(Julia Lawless, aromatherapy)