What makes you lose your patience

5 tips on how you can train your patience as a mom

There are days when everything seems to go wrong. We are stressed, the children are in a bad mood and then some little thing happens that finally brings the barrel to overflow. Suddenly we lose patience and overreact. In the end, the children are amazed and we have a guilty conscience.
Of course, we all don't always react correctly. That can't be changed either. After all, we are all human and they make mistakes. However, there are a few tricks that help us to keep a cool head for much longer.

1. Reach for the camera

Often it is precisely those moments in which one threatens to lose patience that involve a large mess or painted wallpaper. When your kids have made a flour and sugar mess in the kitchen or have left permanent marker pavement markings on the laminate flooring, the first reaction many parents feel is angry. Sometimes you don't realize the comedy of the situation until years later.
That is why it can help if you get into the habit of not reacting at all at first. Instead, grab your smartphone and take a few snapshots. These images will probably one day be cherished snapshots. In the here and now, however, they give you time to take a deep breath and respond in a more controlled manner.

2. Tell your children how you are feeling

If you are about to lose patience, it can be helpful to just tell your children. On the one hand, it serves as a warning to both parties that something needs to be changed in the situation. Second, it can help you determine why you are getting impatient. Sometimes we ourselves only notice what is bothering us when we have to make it understandable to someone else.

3. Ask your children how they are feeling

Sometimes we just assume we understand the situation and react accordingly. We may not have assessed the situation correctly and may even treat our children unfairly. If, on the other hand, we talk to them and try to understand them, we may see the situation in a completely different light. Then it will be easier for us to be patient.

4. Take a long breath

Before you overreact and maybe run the risk of getting loud, you can evade the situation. Leave the room for a brief moment and take a long breath. Correct: Don't breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply. In order to breathe away stress and inner tension, you need to calm your pulse. To do this, exhaling should take twice as long as inhaling. Because the process of exhaling sends the signal to the brain that it can relax.

5. Apologize

If you have lost your patience and have become loud as a result, or have unfairly criticized one of your children, an apology helps most. Parents, too, are only human and sometimes make mistakes.

It is important that your children learn that this is okay too. So you can be sure that you too can make mistakes. If you admit your mistakes and take responsibility for them, you can ultimately only grow from them.

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