What is Stream Network Marketing

Advertising on streaming services

Nowadays music is mostly streamed, that is, accessed via an online database. Classic radio stations also offer streaming services, for example by compiling thematic playlists so that favorite music can be heard regardless of what is currently being played on the radio.

Reach an important target group with ads on Spotify and Co.

Above all, the so-called millennials or members of generations Y and Z (born between 1980 and 2010) are registered with streaming services. They are used to having a huge selection of songs, series or films at any time, which can be accessed and played within a very short time.

This target group, who listens to their music online, is not only very large, but above all very important.

Streaming Service Ads Tools

Streaming service platforms offer a wide range of options for placing advertisements. This includes:

  • Video spots / video ads
  • Audio spots
  • Display Ads (Banner, Leader Board, Rectangle, Pop Up, Skyscraper)
  • Sponsored Sessions
  • Sponsored playlists

The target groups can be grouped and teased based on age, gender and interests.

Stream music - the most important providers in Switzerland

By far the most registered users in Switzerland are:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Soundcloud

Other providers are:

  • Deezer (especially popular in western Switzerland)
  • Amazon
  • Napster
  • Qobuz
  • Tidal

But «classic» radio is still an important medium. Energy, the largest private radio in Switzerland - the broadcasting stations in Basel, Bern and Zurich added together - over half a million listeners every day.
The streaming behavior of the users is precisely recorded and analyzed by the respective services. This opens up great potential for advertisers because the target groups can be defined more precisely and thus teased more efficiently.
In addition, a large part of the access to the streaming services takes place via mobile devices, and most users only log in once - for example in the morning - and then stay logged in all day. That means: You can be reached permanently.

Our streaming service ad offer

We help you to actively reach this target group where a large part of their online presence is.

  • We evaluate your target group and the suitable streaming service.
  • We develop the most relevant ad format for you and your target group.
  • We book and advertise the ads.
  • We measure success, improve, correct and change where necessary.
  • We provide you with a report on the campaign that has been run with figures, information, suggestions and tips.
  • We are at your side with advice and support before, during and after the campaign.

Targeted Millennials with Spotify Ads

Around 40 percent of 15 to 30 year olds in Switzerland listen to music via the Spotify streaming service. Anyone who does online marketing must not ignore this platform under any circumstances. Advertising is only shown to those who have opted for the free version of Spotify, because otherwise Spotify is ad-free. However, the potential is still very high because the target group can be narrowed down or targeted very precisely according to age, gender, interests (which music and playlists they listen to), behavior, region and time of day.

Possible advertising formats on Spotify:

  • Audio ads that are shown between songs during active sessions and are coupled with a linked banner.
  • Sponsored Sessions allow listeners 30 minutes of music without commercial breaks. To do this, the user has to watch a short video of your brand, which is connected to a clickable display ad.
  • Video takeovers are commercial breaks between two songs. These are also linked to a linked banner.
  • Overlays are only played if the Spotify app is actively used on the mobile or desktop. This means that there is a good chance that the advertisement will be actively perceived. The overlay is linked to the landing page intended for the campaign.
  • Leaderboards are shown in the foreground on the screen for 30 seconds while the Spotify app is used.
  • Sponsored playlists enable specific target group targeting. Based on the data collected, Spotify can evaluate who is listening to which playlist, so that based on this, you can carefully consider which playlist to sponsor. Your ad will only run while the playlist is running. The logo of the advertisement is always visible, and only your ads are shown during the commercial breaks.

In order to be able to reach music lovers efficiently, Swiss radio stations also play an important role. We support you with effective advertising measures and develop and book advertisements for you on other online platforms and streaming offers from Swiss radio stations - and thus offer you an optimal advertising mix.

Streaming services - step by step to a successful campaign

  1. Together with you, we will take stock of the marketing campaigns that have already been implemented.
  2. We evaluate your needs and target group (s) in order to be able to take the right streaming service and the right marketing measures.
  3. We also create a media plan and develop initial ideas for the formats and implementation.
  4. We conceive, design and create your ads - whether audio or video spots, display advertising, sponsored sessions or sponsored playlists - book them in with the selected streaming service and advertise the ads in such a way that they can be seen by the target group.
  5. We evaluate the campaign on an ongoing basis and keep you up to date on its success.
  6. If you have any questions, want changes or adjustments, we are always at your side.