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To the kitchen of dreams with every budget - this is how it works!

When purchasing a new kitchen, a number of points must be clarified in advance with regard to the financing and budget for the kitchen. Kitchen planning is a fundamental aspect here - because you can only calculate the exact budget with a concrete idea of ​​the future kitchen. Your personal preferences in terms of shape, design, functions, material and colors are decisive here. The next step is to look for suitable offers for your dream kitchen and choose a suitable financing method. You can read more about these points below.

Planning the dream kitchen

If you don't have a clear idea of ​​what your new kitchen should look like, you can get the free one 3D kitchen planner from Kuechenportal.de. The principle is quite simple:

  • Choose the shape of your kitchen and enter the exact dimensions.
  • Add connections, doors, windows and radiators to the floor plan.
  • You can then add kitchen furniture and appliances to the plan.
  • In the last step you choose the design, materials and colors. You can find inspiration for designing your new kitchen in our extensive Picture gallery to fetch!
  • Send the finished plan to us, you will receive the detailed planning documents including a 3D view by email.

With the plans created, you can now start looking for suitable offers that match the existing budget for your kitchen.

Find the right offers for your budget

Are you planning a classic L-shaped kitchen with plastic fronts? Or should it be a spacious eat-in kitchen with high-quality wooden fronts and a cooking island? Here the necessary budget varies between 3,000 and 8,000 euros for kitchens with standard equipment. Larger versions, innovative technology and equipment extras cost at least 10,000 euros.

But how do you find the right offer for your available budget and the kitchen of your dreams? The corridor to the kitchen studio where you from professional kitchen advice from a specialist can benefit? Visiting furniture stores and online shops that offer a variety of models? Kitchen tests available online (more on this here) should help to find the best manufacturer and the right model. In any case, you have to expect a lot of time to compare the individual offers.

Our tip

Use the offer service from Kuechenportal.de! Simply fill out our contact form - how do you contact us by phone and discuss all the details of your dream kitchen. We then provide you with up to three offers from kitchen providers in your area, which are tailored precisely to your ideas and budget for the new kitchen and can be compared with one another.

Tips for the small budget

Do you have a small budget to buy a kitchen? Here are some tips:

  • Many kitchen studios and furniture stores offer financing in installments: You only have to pay part of the price immediately, the rest you pay off gradually on a monthly basis. This can happen over a period of 12 to around 36 months, depending on what your dream kitchen will cost.

  • A small budget for buying a kitchen is also not a problem if you use used electrical appliances - for example from your old kitchen or from the appliance dealer. So you can save quite a bit by just buying new kitchen furniture. However, make sure that the device is functioning properly and that it consumes energy!
  • Model kitchens and exhibits from kitchen studios and furniture stores are sold at a discount of up to 50 percent when the range changes. Here, however, you should check the property for possible damage or signs of wear and tear.

You will receive further tips on financing the kitchen in this article.

Adrian Kurras is editor at the kitchen portal. As a passionate hobby chef, he knows the daily requirements a kitchen has to cope with from his own experience. In the kitchen magazine he writes about design options in the kitchen, the right furnishings and everything that goes with it.

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