Which place is better Kanpur or Bhopal

What should I know when traveling to Bhopal?
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General analysis of the traffic in Bhopal
Bhopal - Distance traveled13.29km15.95km14.73km13.75km19.06km12.45km10.00kmBhopal - waiting time for the means of transport1 minute1 minute0 minutes---0 minutesBhopal - time of driving11 minutes19 minutes12 minutes2 minutes28 minutes8 minutes9 minutesBhopal - Travel time by another mode of transport2 minutes1 minute1 minute5 minutes1 minute-1 minuteBhopal - travel time by bike5 minutes7 minutes6 minutes11 minutes2 minutes12 minutes1 minuteBhopal - travel time by motorcycle4 minutes3 minutes7 minutes5 minutes4 minutes2 minutes-Bhopal - Travel time by bus7 minutes6 minutes3 minutes1 minute1 minute-13 minutesIt takes a long time to drive to work in Bhopalvery low (2)low (30)very low (5)very low (0)very low (11)very low (0)very low (1)Average time needed to get to Bhopal33 minutes46 minutes35 minutes28 minutes40 minutes30 minutes31 minutesBhopal - The time necessary to commute to worklow (42)high (68)low (47)low (30)high (63)low (34)low (37)Bhopal - Estimating the inefficiency of trafficmoderate (59)very high (80)low (45)moderate (59)very high (84)low (32)low (41)Bhopal - CO2 emissionlow (41)high (60)low (46)very low (17)very high (85)very low (28)low (30)
Main means of transport in Bhopal
Bhopal - work from home-5.72%-5.56%--12.50%Bhopal - Walking to work-8.56%21.05%11.11%-19.05%12.50%Bhopal - tram-0.30%-----Bhopal - train or subway-5.93%-----Bhopal - car53.33%40.00%31.58%16.67%76.47%23.81%12.50%Bhopal - bus or trolley bus13.33%11.06%5.26%5.56%5.88%-50.00%Bhopal - bicycle26.67%19.70%21.05%38.89%5.88%42.86%12.50%Bhopal - motorcycle6.67%8.73%21.05%22.22%11.76%14.29%-