Why is my ass getting flat

Just the genes or is it training? | Can anyone get an apple bum like Aurora Ramazzotti?

If there is such a thing as a pop-butt gene, then it is definitely Aurora Ramazzotti (21) - the beautiful daughter of Michelle Hunziker (41). On the beach of Forte dei Marmi in Italy, the pretty celebrity offspring now presented his apple bottom in a tight bikini panties.

Is that the genes or is it training? Can EVERYONE really get an apple bottom like Aurora Ramazzotti? What is possible? Can a flat bottom turn into a crunchy one? Which exercises help?

Here, qualified sports scientist Jörn Giersberg and scientist Dr. Michael Despeghel these and other questions on the topic:

►What role do genes play in such a tight body?

Dr. Michael Despeghel: “Genetics make up 30 to 35 percent. The rest is the quality and quantity of the training or lifestyle. Theoretically, everyone can get a well-trained and defined body up to a certain point or work their way through. The connective tissue is crucial. If this - hereditary - is very weak, you have to do more.

However, many make the mistake of making the training too intense, training too much and too often. And if the muscle is exercised too much, the muscle pushes through the 'network' of connective tissue and it can exacerbate cellulite dents. "

►What are negative factors affecting the figure?

Despeghel: “Smoking is the main killer for connective tissue. It makes it noticeably weaker. Also: alcohol! If a woman ingests more than 10 grams (one eighth) a day, it has negative effects. Getting enough sleep is also crucial. Eight hours are ideal. "

Which sport is most suitable for shaping the buttocks?

Jörn Giersberg: “The quickest and most effective way to shape the bottom is through intensive muscle training. Exercises that vary the squat work best. Climbing stairs, skating or exercise units on the stepper are also effective, but not as much as muscle-building exercises.

Endurance sports such as jogging or cycling are less suitable for achieving quick results; they are even counterproductive because they block muscle development. "

How long and at what intensity do I have to train to get results?

Giersberg: “Twice a week, you should do exercises like lunge, deadlift, and squat. These should be repeated a maximum of three to six times with weights. It is important to steadily increase the weights, to take breaks between the exercise days, e.g. Tuesday and Friday, and to vary the exercises.

You can do this once a week - not on the same day as the strength training - insert an endurance unit, ideally it should last 30 to 40 minutes. So you can notice changes in your bottom within four to ten weeks. "

What should I look for in nutrition?

Giersberg:“A protein-rich diet supports muscle building, but you shouldn't do without carbohydrates. They are important because otherwise the muscle will not grow properly. So don't go without potatoes, rice and the like for lunch. "

Can a flat bottom also turn into a curvy one?

Giersberg: "Yes! In principle, it is possible to shape every bottom. Of course there are genetic limits, but targeted training can also make a flat bottom curvy. "

Here Jörn Giersberg names specific fitness exercises for a round and, above all, crisp buttocks:

★ Lay your back on a yoga mat or blanket, set your legs up at a 45-degree angle, lift your buttocks, press your knees together, hold for five seconds, open your legs again, roll your buttocks off, but don't put them down completely! (Twelve repetitions each in three sets. Rest one minute between sets.)
★ Tense your buttocks as often as possible, e.g. B. brushing your teeth or waiting at the bus stop. Hold for five seconds, then relax.
★ Always take the stairs, not the elevator. This is good for your buttocks and your heart and circulation.
★ Fitness shoes with weight inserts turn every walk into a butt workout.