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Stickers, donations, paid chats: YouTube introduces new earning opportunities

YouTube expands the ways YouTubers can monetize their content and interact with their fans. The "member" option for a YouTube channel announced and already introduced in 2018 will be expanded to include additional levels. With Superchat, viewers have the opportunity to place their chat messages in a prominent place in live streams or premieres for a fee. As a further source of income, YouTube is introducing super stickers. The animated super stickers can be purchased during a live stream or for video premieres. The range of fan articles is being expanded to include additional providers and products, and donations are no longer in the beta phase in the USA.

Channel membership levels

So far, you can support YouTubers of your choice through a paid membership. You can become a channel member for 4.99 euros and receive access to exclusive benefits that the channel operator determines himself under the given options. These can be logos provided by the operator next to your own user name for comments in the live chat or under the videos, custom emojis for the live chat or the highlighting of the name of the supporter in the live stream. In addition, some YouTubers award exclusive ranks on their Discord server and offer other exclusive advantages, for example special videos for paying fans.

Channel membership is now being expanded to include membership levels. With the introduction of the expansion, the channel operators will then have up to five membership levels in different price categories. Channel operators can stagger their exclusive benefits and content for paying viewers. The same system is offered by the Patreon platform, which is also used by many YouTubers, podcasters and Twitch streamers. On Patreon, many YouTubers offer content that is available exclusively or exclusively for a fee.

With the subscription function, the streaming platform Twitch offers a similar, paid support for streamers that unlocks symbols and emotes and is available in three or four levels. In addition to a monthly fee of 4.99 euros, 9.99 euros and 14.99 euros, you can support a Twitch channel with Twitch Prime, provided you have a valid and paid Amazon Prime subscription and your Twitch account with the corresponding Amazon account connected. Twitch Prime is free of additional costs and can be used for one channel per month.

Great chat

According to Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer, some channels that use Superchat make more than $ 400 per minute from buying messages. For many YouTubers, super chat has become the "number one source of income" on the video platform. In addition to the donation feature available on YouTube and Twitch in the live streams, the super chat feature could be seen with the purchase of messages for a prominent placement and the purchase of stickers as a counterpart to the bits on Twitch that are in the Purchased in advance and given away to the streamers. The bits are then paid out to the Twitch streamers accordingly. Donations and bits offer the opportunity on Twitch to leave a prominently placed comment in the live stream, provided the streamer has set up the functions accordingly. Most canal operators use the function.


Many YouTubers offer their community fan articles. YouTube supports the channel operator with the provider Teespring, who works with the video platform and the YouTubers. It's comparatively easy to set up a merchandise shop with clothing, posters, and the usual accessories and sell to fans directly from the channel. Now there are five more providers of fan articles with whom channel operators can work together.

Appeal for donations

Creative content creators keep calling for fundraising marathons to raise money for charity. In the past, external organizations were commissioned to collect donations, which has been criticized in Germany in the past. YouTube Giving, the tool for collecting donations, is leaving the beta phase and should be available in the coming months, but only in the USA for the time being.

Whether the prices for the different channel membership levels can be set or whether they can be set by the operator himself can be found in the message to VidCon des official YouTube blog not emerge. The Superchat is already available in Germany and is available to channel operators over the age of 18 with at least 1,000 subscribers. The super stickers are currently in a test phase and are only available to a few selected channels, the function is to be expanded in the course of the year and afterwards, according to the help for super chat. The opportunity to work with the five new merchandise partners should be available immediately.

The platform operators YouTube, Patreon and Twitch also earn money from all the income opportunities offered to the channel operator. The message does not indicate whether YouTube can also pay for the donation button. (bme)

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