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“Dreamcourts” - the 25 most beautiful tennis courts in the world

A tennis court needs a few lines and a net - that's it. In principle correct. But our virtual journey to the 25 most beautiful tennis courts in the world shows that a court can offer much more.

Golfers are good. On your rounds from hole to hole, you can enjoy the landscape, let your gaze wander and get a little closer to nature, albeit appropriately groomed. Passionate golfers tour the world to play on particularly beautiful golf courses.

Tennis players are inevitably simpler. They are not interested in wanting to play certain courses. If you travel as a tennis player, you want decent courts, good weather and a couple of adequate playing partners. Where the space is exactly is usually of secondary importance.

Journey to the most beautiful tennis courts in the world

It's a shame actually. Because as a tennis player you can also play on really special courts - and that does not mean the well-known center courts of Roland Garros, Wimbledon or Flushing Meadows. No, there are tennis courts in every corner of the world that are incomparable. Due to their special location, their architecture, their scenic setting.

tennismagazin.de has put together the 25 most beautiful tennis courts in the world for you - of course without claiming to be complete and in an arbitrary order. Join us on our virtual journey to the “dream courts” of the world in Scotland, Italy, New York, Bora-Bora, Tanzania, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and many other destinations.

1. Singita Sabora Camp - Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Do you want to serve while a couple of zebras graze on the edge of the pitch? Yes, you can - in the luxurious bush camp of Singita Sabora. Visitors feel like they were at the beginning of the 20th century, all the details of the interior are perfectly coordinated. And since tennis was very much in vogue among wealthy safari travelers at that time, there is a “clay court” in the middle of the savannah. As a guest, you get a personal butler who also organizes rackets and balls if you actually want to play a few balls in this dream setting. Of course, all of this has its price: from 1,000 euros per night and person! www.singita.com

2. Pearl Beach Resort - Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The name Bora Bora alone arouses longings ... tennis courts also exist on the atoll in the South Pacific, of course - almost a matter of course with all the hotels of the highest luxury class. They are well hidden in the jungle, surrounded by large palm trees. Like the place from the Pearl Beach Resort. Artificial turf has its best days behind it, but if you are bothered by it when you have made it onto this court, you definitely have no other problems. www.boraborapearlbeachresort.com

3. Borgo Finocchieto - Siena, Tuscany, Italy

A property of the extra class with a hard court wonderfully embedded in the Tuscan landscape. In the shadow of the towering cypress trees, the view extends down to the valley of the Ombrone River. The former homestead with more than 20 rooms is booked by large families or companies to celebrate, work - or play tennis in seclusion. www.borgofinocchieto.com

4. All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club - Charles City, Iowa, USA

Mark Kuhn had a dream: his own lawn tennis court. The farmer from Iowa, passionate tennis fan and player since childhood, has always been fascinated by the myth of Wimbledon. In 2003 the time had come: with the help of his wife and adult sons, Kuhn built his grass court. Since then, he has welcomed every guest who is driving down the street and wondering why a lawn suddenly appears in the middle of the endless corn fields. Kuhn lets everyone who gets out, looks at the court and is in the mood for “lawntennis” play for free on his Center Court. www.alliowalawntennisclub.com

5. Private place - Toorak, Melbourne, Australia

It was not possible to find out who was allowed to play on this special court. What is clear, however, is that a space that also serves as a garage entrance - if you fold up the baseline area - is probably unique in the world. Incidentally, under the court there is an imposing garage for various noble vehicles. The owner of the house in Melbourne's Toorak district has to be a car collector - and of course a tennis fan.

6. Astor Courts - Rhinebeck, New York, USA

As a playground for the American aristocrats, John Jacob Astor built a magnificent building in the woods 150 kilometers north of Manhattan in 1902, including a spectacular indoor court. It was an "upper-class amusement hall," she wrote New York Times in a review of 2008 and estimated the value of the building at around 25 million US dollars. A few years ago it was completely renovated by its new owners and is today once again one of the most exclusive addresses in the New York area. In 2011, Chelsea Clinton's wedding took place there.

7. Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court - Isle of Harris, Hebrides, Scotland, UK

When Andy Murray posted a picture of the Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court on Twitter a few years ago, allegedly the most secluded tennis court in Britain in the Outer Hebrides, he asked his community, “Does it really exist?” Yes, Andy, it does exist and you only have yours Have to ask mother Judy, who paid a visit to the place in 2014. But good: You can understand him, Andy. The Court looks so out of place in the Scottish wasteland of the Isle of Harris that one inevitably wonders how it got there. Tennis coach Mike Briggs is to blame. He had it built, maintains it and also gives coaching lessons there. Anyone traveling on the B887 between Harris and Huisinis can play for an hour and a half on the course for £ 15. www.mikeandpeggybriggs.co.uk/tennis.htm

8. Gstaad Palace - Gstaad, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

With this view from the hotel room of the noble house “Gstaad Palace”, who does not immediately feel like a match? You just have to get started. Many are so fascinated by this gaze that they come back here every year - Roy Emerson, for example. The Australian legend, who won 28 Grand Slam titles (singles, doubles, mixed), fell in love with this place over 40 years ago. “This is tennis in paradise,” he still enthuses today. Emerson, 83 years old, gave tennis lessons every summer at the “Palace” - the “Roy Emerson Weeks”. The tennis stadium of the “Swiss Open Gstaad” has now also been named after him. www.palace.ch

9. Musha Cay, Copperfield Bay - Exuma, Bahamas

Ok, let's not kid ourselves, but none of us will ever play on this dream course. The island of Musha Cay, 140 kilometers south of the Bahamas capital Nassau, is privately owned by the magician David Copperfield, who magically managed that the bay that belongs to it now bears his name ... On the island, the global elite remain to themselves. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, got married there in 2007. It is not known whether he also played tennis there.

10. Pareto Wealth Office - Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Australians are crazy about tennis, especially the residents of Melbourne - see also court number 5 above! When the financial services provider Pareto Wealth moved into new office space in 2014, the building couldn't have been fancy enough. In Flinders Lane, not so far from Melbourne Park, where the Australian Open takes place every January, the company found what they were looking for and had a tennis court installed on the roof terrace - perfect for a match during the lunch break!

11. Baille na Cille Guesthouse - Isle of Lewis, Hebrides, Scotland, UK

Back to Scotland, back to the Hebrides, but this time it's the Isle of Lewis. There is a wonderful place there, too, with real lawn. Whether this court, which belongs to the Baille na Cille Guesthouse, is even more secluded than the Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court (7th place!) - the Scots should argue about that. The nice thing for guests of the Baille na Cille: They can use the space free of charge and for as long as they want. You should only watch out for the hotel dog, who loves to steal the balls. www.bailenacille.co.uk

12. Seaside Tennis Club, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel - Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, eleven courts, right on the Pacific coast, some are so close to the water that the roar of the waves when they hit the lava rock is louder the pounding of the ball - more is not possible. You just have to get there somehow ... The Seaside Tennis Club, which has won multiple awards from US sports media, is right next to Mauna Kea Beach, which insiders have hailed as the best beach in Hawaii. By the way: The cover picture of this story (sunset on the coast, two courts in the foreground - see above) shows the Seaside Tennis Club from its most beautiful side. www.maunakeabeachhotel.com

13. Il San Pietro di Positano - Positano, Italy

Wedged into a rocky gorge, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea - this is the dream place for many celebrities. If you are to believe the five-star hotel "Il San Pietro di Positano", located south of Naples, George Clooney or Angelina Jolie and other stars have already played on the court. One thing is certain: Maria Sharapova once did a training session down there, but she wasn't really into it. "The view is just too breathtaking," she is supposed to have said - and you can understand her very well. www.ilsanpietro.it

14. Peter Island Resort & Spa - Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

The journey alone is extremely exquisite: it usually takes place by helicopter. You can also take a boat across from Puerto Rico, but who of the super-rich who spend time at the Peter Island Resort & Spa does that? The island is privately owned and the resort has been included in the “Best Places to Stay in the World” list several times by exclusive travel portals. If you actually get to set foot on this elite island, you can at least play as much tennis as you want. www.peterisland.com

15th Tennis de la Cavalerie - Paris, France

Not far from the Eiffel Tower, on the seventh floor of an Art Deco house, you will find Europe's most unusual indoor space, which was built in 1924 on the edge of what was then a military school. The special thing about the court is its honeycomb-shaped arched roof, which was constructed from 1,400 wooden parts. The place is shared by 150 members who have to take an elevator to the match. The court has been a listed building since 1986.www.tennisdelacavalerie.fr

16. “Papal Square” - Vatican City, Vatican

In the smallest country in the world there is also a tennis court - and a really nice one. The almost 900 inhabitants of the elective monarchy are allowed to use it, but employees of the Catholic Church should also play there more often. Among them: Georg Gänswein, the "George Clooney of St. Peter's Basilica", as the gossip press calls him. The Prefect of the Papal Household has already made it onto several covers of people magazines - partly because of his passion for tennis. But Pope Francis is also a tennis fan. In May 2015 he received 7,000 Italian tennis players who presented him with a racket. Has he already played with him on “his court”? Rather not.

17. Underground Racquets Ltd. - Carthage, Missouri, USA

The most spectacular indoor courts in the USA are located in a huge sand-lime stone cave. The place used to be a quarry, which at some point was no longer productive enough. An entrepreneur came up with the absurd idea of ​​building two tennis courts and lighting systems down there. Advantage: Regardless of whether it is hellishly hot or very cold on the surface - at “Underground Racquets” there is more or less the same, pleasant playing temperature throughout the year. Disadvantage: Only members are allowed to play there. But guests can at least take a look at the cave sites.

18th Necker Cup - Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Richard Branson, balloonist, billionaire and tennis fan, invites 16 professionals to his 30 hectare private island "Necker Island" every year at the end of November. In addition, there are 16 amateurs who secure a starting place in what is probably the most dazzling “Pro-Am tournament” in the world for impressive five-digit dollar amounts. The so-called “Necker Cup” attracts the “big names” of the scene: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Ana Ivanovic, Eugenie Bouchard, Boris Becker, Björn Borg and Chris Evert have been to Branson's dream island for a couple of easy-going doubles Playing with wealthy tennis geeks. www.neckercup.com

19. Private place - Los Vilos, Coquimbo Region, Chile

Admittedly: The court itself is initially unimpressive, rather quite normal. The special thing about it are the four little houses in the background. They were designed by Felipe Assadi, one of the most successful South American architects at the moment. Assadi had high-quality materials built into the rather inconspicuous wooden huts in order to offer the tennis players a sauna, fitness room and changing rooms in a class of their own. It is understandable that here you are looking forward more to the "after-match" than to the actual game.

20. Enchantment Resort - Sedona, Arizona, USA

What a setting! When the sun is low here, the foothills of the “Red Rock Hills” shine in a wonderful red shimmer, which can quickly rob you of concentration for the next serve. As the name of the five-star resort in the middle of Arizona suggests: Guests here will quickly scream with rapture. No matter where you are in this luxury hostel - the views are truly magical. Not just on the five tennis courts. www.enchantmentresort.com

21. Hacienda De La Paz - Rolling Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

We're going underground once again, back in the USA: In Rolling Hills, the most exclusive district of Los Angeles, splendid properties that abound there are not being built upwards - but downwards. This is how the villa “Hacienda de la Paz” is laid out, which from the outside appears slightly ostentatious, but not necessarily megalomaniac. But if you get inside, you can't stop being amazed. Five floors are below the ground floor, there are several winding stairs and two elevators.

At the bottom of the property, i.e. on the fifth basement floor, you will find: a top-class indoor space that can also be used as a ballroom if required and has already been tested by Pete Sampras (“Amazing!”). The house (construction period 1991 to 2008!) Was offered in 2013 for a purchase price of 53 million US dollars. Oh yes, if you get claustrophobic in the indoor area, you can also go outside, where there is also a sand court.

22. Emerald Cay - Turks and Caicos Islands, British Overseas Territory, Caribbean

No, the photo above is not a Photoshop creation - this place really exists. It almost looks like he's swimming in the turquoise water. In fact, it belongs to a private estate that - according to self-promotion, of course - is one of the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean, is worth more than 20 million US dollars and has, among other things, a wine cellar with 6,000 bottles of fine wines. For those interested in geography: The Turks and Caicos Islands are about 150 kilometers south of the Hispaniola island with the Caribbean states of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They can be reached in 90 minutes by plane from Miami.

23. Lodge at the Hills - Arrowtown, Queenstown, New Zealand

Would you like to go on a really extraordinary trip with your tennis buddies? Then we would have something for you ... Ok, joking aside: The "Lodge at the Hills", located in the middle of New Zealand's South Island, will probably remain unaffordable for mere mortals, but you can at least make bookings for up to twelve people there. All their wishes are then fulfilled by the house staff. This of course also includes real law tennis on the grass court belonging to the lodge. The catch, you already guessed it: the prices per suite (two people) start at around 3,000 euros! www.thehillslodge.co.nz

24. Hearst Castle - San Simeon, California, USA

If you as a tennis player should ever be on the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, then make the detour about halfway to "Hearst Castle" in the Santa Lucia Mountains - not because it was made in 1947 by newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst's kitsch castle with its 165 rooms would now be particularly pretty. It is a bizarre and pompous collection of different architectural styles that is really not for everyone. But: the two tennis courts are a real eye-catcher. And if you book a day tour through the no longer inhabited property, you can also play there.In case you are wondering what the glass blocks at net level are all about: They serve as a light source for the indoor pool below the tennis courts. www.hearstcastle.org

25. Club Hotel Olivi - Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy

So, back in the neighborhood to a more contemplative, but certainly no less impressive place. The tennis hotel Olivi on the shores of Lake Garda can be reached quickly and easily and is also affordable - prices per night and person start at 65 euros. Tennis players can enjoy magnificent views of Italy's largest lake from the court and from the room balcony. In addition, there is a pleasant family atmosphere in the house, in which tennis players of all ages feel in good hands. "Val di Sogno", the valley of dreams, is what the locals call the stretch of land on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. And you can dream wonderfully there - especially after a wonderfully exhausting match on one of the nine clay courts. www.clubhotelolivi.it

About the author

STOPPING AT A TENNIS SAFARI: tM editor Tim Böseler (right) used the break for a match on an airfield in Namibia.

tM editor Tim Böseler has the most beautiful tennis courts in the world, of course Not visited - with one exception. As a young boy he played with his father on the clay courts of the “Hotel Olivi” on Lake Garda (Court 25). Only three courts were even more spectacular for him, but they did not make it onto the list of the 25 most beautiful tennis courts:

1. An airfield in Namibia (see photo above) for a short joke match during a stopover during a "tennis safari"

2. A self-made grass pitch on a soccer field in Reichelsheim in the Wetterau (Hesse), where he received blatant gossip as a young editor for a report on lawn tennis in Germany at a DTB ranking tournament.

3. A table-level beach in Northern Denmark (see photo below): Lines were scratched in the sand with the foot, the net consisted of flotsam and did not quite meet the official requirements. But the beach party worked flawlessly, with the longer playing time, however, the pitch errors increased.

If you have photos, texts or links to your personal dream place, please send all information to: [email protected] - we will publish selected pictures and tips!

SOMEWHERE IN NORTH DENMARK: tM editor Tim Böseler (from left) playing beach tennis on a "self-made" beach court.