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Alex (male)

Here you can find all information about the male first name Alex:

Name meaning

Alex is a common short form of the name Alexander. The name comes from the Greek ("Aléxandros"). The name means something like "protector" or "who fends off foreign men". Alex did not come to Germany like most names through Christianity, but through "Alexander the Great", King of Macedonia. It is about him in the so-called Alexander novel, which at that time mainly nobles read and the name was therefore very popular in these circles. Since the 20th century the name Alex can be found more regularly in the Top100 lists. Since the 1970s, however, it has been consistently high in the Top25.

The name is also very popular abroad. You can find it there in the variant Lekë (Albanian), Aleksa (Bosnian), Àlex (Catalan), Alexis (English), Aleksi (Finnish), Alekos (Greek), Alessio (Italian) or as Aleks (Polish).

Funny: The anagrams "Axel" and "Lexa" can be formed with the name Alex.

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Al, Ale, Alexi, Ali, Axel, Lex, Lexi, Xandi and Älu

Similar first names

Abdelmalek, Adalexander, Adewale, Aleander, Aleandro, Aleard, Alec, Alecc, Alechandro, Aled, Aleeke, Alef, Aleg, Alehandro, Aleix, Alejander, Alejandro, Alejo, Alek and Aleko

Most popular double names with Alex

Aaron-Alexander, Adolf-Alexander, Albert-Alexander, Alex-Brian, Alex-Cheng, Alex-Günter, Alex-Justin, Alex-Michael, Alexander-Anton, Alexander-Boris, Alexander-Brunno, Alexander-Christian, Alexander- Christoph, Alexander-Daniel, Alexander-Dominik, Alexander-Dorian, Alexander-Erich, Alexander-Florian, Alexander-Franz and Alexander-Fynn

Famous people

  • Alex Clare (British singer)
  • Alex Frei (Swiss footballer)
  • Alex Gaskarth (member of the American band All Time Low)
  • Alex Goot (singer & songwriter)
  • Alex Hirsch (cartoonist, director, film producer, voice actor)
  • Alex Hofmann (former German motorcycle racer)
  • Alex Karev (figure from Grey's Anatomy)
  • Álex Márquez (motorcyclist from Spain)
  • Alex Meraz (actor)
  • Alex O Loughlin (actor)
  • Alex Pettyfer (British actor and singer)
  • Alex Rins (Spanish motorcyclist)

Alex is looking for happiness

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