Are men afraid of newborn babies?

The man's fear of the hit

In addition to the horror scenarios in the head, there are not inconsiderable financial expenses for the livelihood of a new citizen. The Federal Statistical Office once calculated that a child up to the age of 18 costs around 100,000 euros (details can be found here). A nice sum with which you could do a lot: buy a great car, pay for a condominium, go on a trip around the world, secure your old-age pension, buy a holiday home in Spain - you could think of a lot more.

Or are these all just horror scenarios of various egoists who are fanatic about independence and consumption? Isn't it possible to arrange your own goals in life very harmoniously with the desire to have children? There has to be something that compensates for the privations mentioned, something barely tangible, a kind of deeper Satisfaction and bliss at the sight of his radiant baby. Maybe so, but is that enough to give up years of being single and face at least eighteen years of responsibility for a more or less helpless person?

You have to choose

It depends again. At the end of your twenties, the only excuse that you are still too young to have a child suddenly no longer counts. It starts the Search by criteriato which your own desire for children should be tied. First and foremost is the relationship: Do you want to have a child with the woman you are spending your current life with? Do you know her so well that her new role as a mother wouldn't be overwhelming? Can you even imagine her as a mother? And of course: How do you agree on the topic of children? What is your life plan?

Immediately after the topic of relationship comes the job. Actually, these two points even stand side by side: Who stays at home and takes care of the offspring? In the first year, the parental allowance allows for a more flexible division of childcare between the (spouses) partners, with manageable financial losses. Most of the time, however, the man earns more than his partner. A longer job break is therefore only partially an option for him, the woman has to (want to) find her way around part-time. Which scratches another problem: Can you even allow yourself to take a break at this point in your career? After all, they wanted to be head of department in three years.

Are these all real criteria or are you exposing yourself in the search for new excuses? Does it even exist the right time for a child? Isn't every moment somehow inconvenient? It depends on the famous attempt. The idea that there is one Checklist for the perfect timewhich, after weighing all the criteria, produces a clear result, one can confidently say goodbye. Fortunately, not everything can be planned perfectly, so nothing would stand in the way of a try ... although, I saw a convertible like this the other day ...

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