What are short hairstyles

Have you ever wondered if short hair would look good on you? After all, short haircuts are currently all the rage. A mathematical formula will give you the answer. If this is "yes", we have put together valuable tips and the most beautiful short hairstyles for 2021 for you. Select your favorite and take it to the hairdresser you trust. Have fun!

The short hair formula

More and more Hollywood stars and top models let their hair down and prove how much glamor and sex appeal there is in a short cut. Have you already asked yourself whether you should part with your mane and whether short hair would even suit you? Giles Robinson, Senior Stylist at John Frieda, provides the answer with a simple formula that he developed after studying over 1,000 women's hairstyles and faces. All you need for the little math game is a small ruler and a pen. Now hold the latter horizontally under your chin and the ruler vertically under your ear. Now it is time to measure the distance from the intersection of the ruler and pen to the ear. If the distance is less than 5.7 cm, you are predestined for a short hairstyle. If it's more than 5.7 cm, you'd better think twice.

To make your decision easier, you can also include the following criteria in your considerations:

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Face shape

Round faces can be visually stretched perfectly with longer hair. If you still want to leave your hair, a cut with long strands in the front is ideal for you. The sides should stay narrow as this will stretch. With a triangular face shape, it is important to prefer a hairstyle with a lot of volume on the neck and avoid a lot of hair on the head. A square face has soft and not too distinctive cuts. Structured hairstyles make the features look very hard on this face shape. Oval faces have a free choice because practically all hairstyle models are available to them.

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Skull shape

When choosing a short hairstyle, the shape of the skull should also be taken into account, especially if the hair is cut very short (where everyone has to answer the question of how brave they want to be).

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Thin, thick, or curly hair

Short hairstyles are not a problem for thin hair if the hairdresser works towards more density when cutting and working with volume foam at home. A short neck, side sections in undercut style and longer, graduated top hair look very stylish with thin hair.

With thick hair, the hair is thinned out and not cut too short in order to avoid the “helmet effect”. A concise pony and different lengths on the top of the head can look very stylish.

Wavy and curly hair looks very sophisticated with a short wet look.

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Too manly and unsexy?

Short hairstyles do not have to appear androgynous and unsexy. On the contrary: a good, soft short haircut that underlines fine facial features, emphasizes beautiful eyes or a delicate neck, can even be extremely feminine and sexy. The way you style your hair is also a decisive factor.

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Uncomplicated and easy to care for?

Do you want a short haircut because you think that morning styling will take less time? Caution: Short hair sometimes takes more effort than you think, even if it looks straightforward. Your hairdresser will be able to give you the best advice here. You will have to visit him with short hair more often in the future - i.e. every four to eight weeks. Short manes should also be washed more often, as more styling products are usually used than with long hair. Residues from sprays, gels etc. can impair the breathability of the scalp.

Gels and sprays for shiny styles as well as serums or wax to define individual strands are ideal styling products. More volume can be achieved with dry powder for thin hair. You should only use brushes with soft natural bristles, otherwise the pressure on the scalp will be too strong.

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The most beautiful shortcut trend styles 2021

If you decide to go for a short haircut, you will find some wonderful short cuts with a high trend factor below. Let yourself be inspired by our examples and visit the hairdresser of your choice with your favorite look. Have fun!

Pixie cut

The pixie cut ranks high in the trend barometer 2021. No wonder, because this hairstyle hit suits every woman and is wonderfully easy to style. This year the top hair stays a little longer. And it doesn't matter whether it's straight or sideways: fringes of any length give the popular short haircut a modern, casual touch and, thanks to their flexibility in styling, ensure a lot of variety. Trendsetters are going for a fringed pixie cut in 2021.

Styling tip: You don't need to spend a lot of time styling as a short pixie will dry on its own. Then you can fix your desired look with some styling cream (wax). Simply distribute the product in your hands, work it evenly into the lengths and tips and shape the hair according to your taste. The only disadvantage of this hairstyle: In order for the pixie to look good, regular visits to the hairdresser are a must (every 4 to 6 weeks).

Distinctive pixie cut in platinum blonde with longer top hair (Image: Getty Images)

Elegant pixie with straight hair (Image: Getty Images)

Cheeky short cut in an undone look for young women (Image: Getty Images)

Casual pixie with a trendy fringe cut (Image: Pinterest)

Stylish pixie with retro appeal (Image: Instagram @diegomarcsant)

Glamorous pixie as a fountain of youth for mature ladies (Image: Getty Images / Sharon Stone)

Chic short cut with long top hair (Image: Instagram @ shorthaircutwomen)

A casual pixie also suits older ladies (Image: Getty Images)

The Pullet

Pop star Miley Cyrus has finally catapulted this hybrid hairstyle into the top hairstyle hit list as a prominent wearer. The extravagant hair trend combines the pixie with the "mullet" (English for mullet). The features of the mullet - short at the front and sides, long at the back - are cut a little more moderately in the pullet. Instead, the fringed ends and shorter bangs come to the fore in this cool style.

"The Pullet" pioneer Miley Cyrus (Image: Instagram @Miley Cyrus)

"The Pullet" as a cool and androgynous look (Image: Vicky Taylor, textured minimalist)

Short blunt cut

The chin-length bob is one of the hottest and most popular short hairstyles in 2021, as it fits every face shape and hair structure. Trendsetters let the hairdresser they trust give themselves a trendy blunt cut in which their hair is cut bluntly. If you like, you can leave your hair a little longer at the front than at the back.

Styling tips: The accurately cut look is extremely variable and allows all styling variants - regardless of whether you prefer playful curls or the elegant, smooth sleek look. A ponytail also looks great with a short blunt cut. For wavy hair, we recommend using a frizz spray and a little oil before drying your hair so that the curls are nicely defined and shine. A little hair oil in the tips and lengths also makes the sleek look look particularly classy.

Straight blunt cut (Image: Instagram @ SalSal)

Elegant sleek look (Image: Getty Images)

Casual short bob with feminine waves. (Image: Instagram @January Jones)

Sleek bob with straight lengths (Image: Instagram @kdeenihan)

Stylish glam bob with curls (Image: Getty Images / Sienna Miller)

Buzz cut

The buzz cut is only something for the brave, because the hair is shaved off to a few centimeters in this trendy hairstyle, so that the scalp shimmers through the short stubble. The extreme short haircut does not suit every woman as it looks very androgynous. The prerequisite for the look are soft and even facial features. Women with angular likenesses and / or a high forehead should keep their hands off the rasp-short buzz cut.

Rasp-short buzz cut with star appeal (Image: Instagram @ Emilia Schüle)

Elf-like buzz cut in pastel color (Image: Wella EIMI)

Sporty, casual buzz cut that looks feminine thanks to make-up and jewelry (Image: Pinterest)

French bangs

The stylists have copied this trend from the French women: short bob with bangs. This does not have to be cut accurately. The fringes can be too long and look messy. Cool: With the length and the cut, this star hairstyle can be adapted to any face shape.

Styling tip: Let the bangs air dry or blow dry them with a round brush. Then shape the lengths with a little hair oil, and the look is ready! In the case of bangs with natural curls, the contours of the fringes can be accentuated with oil or styling cream. To create a harmonious look, the rest of the hair needs to be adapted to the nonchalance of the forehead fringes.

Chic bob hairstyle with curtain bangs (Image: Getty Images)

Curly hairstyles with bangs are mega hip now (Image: Instagram @shortcutwomen)

Trendy shag cut with bangs (Image: Pinterest)

Elegant bob in French chic with round cut bangs (Image: Pinterest @ haare365)

Casual bob with long fringes and tiered lengths (Image: Pinterest)

Bowl cut

The bowl cut celebrated a surprising comeback in 2020 and bravely holds its trend position in 2021. The good old pot cut, which harmonizes particularly well with angular or narrow faces, is of course much more modern than it was in the 80s and 90s. The pony plays a major role. It can fall slightly on the face and gently merge into the sides of the same length. If you want to give the retro look more femininity, you can simply have very small steps cut into your hair.

Styling tip: The bowl cut is very changeable. You can do it wildly in the undone look or very accurately in the sleek look. To fix the styling, it's best to use gel, oil or hairspray.

Distinctive short haircut with sex appeal (Image: perfecthair.ch)

Hollywood stars also love the retro cut (Image: Instagram @Charlize Theron)

Cutting-edge two-color short haircut (Image: Getty Images)

Hair accessories

As little girls, hair clips were one of our favorite possessions. After we took them off in primary school, we can now wear them with pride again. Because the hair accessory will also be back in fashion for short hair in 2021. You can use very simple models without a lot of frills or decorate your hair with neat statement pieces (with pearls or rhinestones).

Beautiful hair clips as eye-catchers (Image: Pinterest @All Things Hair)

A short bob can be embellished and tamed in no time with hair clips (Image: Pinterest)

Ready to go with pearl clips (Image: Pinterest)

Courage to color

In 2021 it will be pretty colorful for short hairstyles. How about, for example, royal blue hair or pink tips? Pastel tones throughout the hair (e.g. candy pink and silver white) also remain popular.

If you like it more subtle, choose a trendy blonde color (from pearl blonde to golden gloss), a noble brown tone (mocha, caramel) or a distinctive copper red.

Short cut in bright blue (Image: Getty Images)

Soft pink with an elf-like effect (Image: Image: d-machts-group.de)

Blonde colors in all variations are all the rage in 2021 (Image: Getty Images)

Copper red looks very sexy (Image: Getty Images)

A hairy statement can also be made with colored strands in 2021 (Image: Pinterest @luxhairstyle)