How can a child avoid cyber bullying


Tips & rules

What to do about cyberbullying

Children should learn to treat each other respectfully from the start, which also includes responsible media use. Parents can talk to their child about what exactly is meant by this: what should I share with others and what is better not? Here it is important to protect personal rights - of yourself and of others. Parents need to make it clear to children that cyberbullying is no small matter and that it is important to stand up for others.

If a child is a victim of cyberbullying, it helps to have a trusting basis on which to find solutions together. Even if the child accidentally spread something about himself, which is now being used for bullying, it is important not to punish him or her for it and not to blame him, but to take his worries seriously. Sometimes it can also help to contact the school or the parents of the perpetrators, if they are known. If there is a criminal offense, it can also be useful to take legal action.

If a child is involved in cyberbullying themselves, it helps to talk about the reasons: Maybe they need an outlet for something else or would like more recognition in the group? It is important to convey that bullying is not an adequate solution to such problems and that children are held accountable for it too.