Deleted friend requests automatically become followers

Social media: Unpleasant moments as a follower and with followers

The real-life confrontation

There are people I know very well. The pretty floor lamp in her living room, her bedclothes, her baby. I know what they look like when they get up and I've heard them talk drunk. I was even there on their vacation. Only: I've never talked to them. Because it's just people who I follow on Instagram and look at their pictures and stories there, because they appear in my feed and I check out everything in a smartphone-zombie-like manner. In itself it is unproblematic, but it becomes difficult when someone I follow belongs to an extended circle of friends or colleagues. So when I meet him every now and then. We greet each other. Or end up in the same discussion group at a party. Then this awful “I know that you know I know” moment arises because I know so much about him and he knows that, because he knows that I am following him and sees that he is looking at his stories. And yet we both pretend we don't know anything (especially me). While I'm thinking, “I KNOW HOW YOUR BED LOOKS LIKE”, he may be thinking “SHE KNOWS WHAT MY BED LOOKS LIKE” or, worse, “WHY ARE YOU INTERESTED?” And so we push around and I ask what he's doing, although I know about it in detail. The only good thing about it: he doesn't know what my bed looks like.