Which fictional planet has the highest population


"BioEconomyNow!is an educational escape game that puts players on a fictional planet of the future. You take on the role of secret agents and solve puzzles and tasks from the field of bioeconomy under time pressure.

The year is 2117: a long time ago planet earth reached its global oil production maximum and fossil resources have been used up. But mankind has managed to move interstellar and explore new worlds. The largest human colony base is on Horizon, a planet with a number of resources. All initiatives to make Horizon more sustainable and not to repeat the same mistakes as on earth have been smashed by the powerful Alpha Council. After months of working undercover, it's the agents of Aktion BEN! - BioEconomyNow! - succeeded in penetrating the planning center of the Alpha Council. And let's go on the mission!

Now agents are dependent on the players' help. In order to save Horizon, they have to convert the documents for the coming financial year to a sustainable, bio-based economy in the planning center. As a team, they must solve puzzles, thoroughly examine the room and various objects, make connections and make decisions that will have a direct impact on the environment, the economy and the population of the planet.

The head office is set up as a mobile escape room in science centers, museums, trade fairs or festivals. Accompanied by the project team, after the game the participants deal with research as well as with the practical implementation of the bioeconomy, reflect on what they have experienced and consolidate the learning experiences.

The Escape Game is also available as an online game. Try it out at https://bioeconomy-now.de/!

In the Science Year 2020/21 - Bioeconomy, the educational escape game BioEconomyNow! the possibilities of the bioeconomy in an exciting way and makes them especially accessible to a young target group. The participants are invited to deal with the problems and approaches of the bioeconomy in a playful way.

This can also involve overarching questions such as: Are the materials and products there also used in everyday life? What can sustainable consumption look like? How could bioeconomy be implemented in Germany? What could be the advantages, but also the pitfalls of this type of economy?

The game is aimed at children and young people from 10 years of age, families and young adults and can be played in teams of 1-3 people. The duration is approx. 45 minutes.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the 2020/21 science year. It is a joint project with Wissenschaft im Dialog and is being developed in cooperation with BeSu.Solutions.

Upcoming dates / stations in 2021:

Maker Faire (Hanover, Online fair) - June 18, 2021, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Dockville (Hamburg) - 12.-15. / August 19-22, 2021
more information will follow

RESEARCH (Munich) - October 8-10, 2021
more information will follow

MINT Cologne - 14.-16.10.2021
Registration via the Cologne City Library
more information will follow

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