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Renault Triber (2020): India, price, information

In India Renault has already proven how it works with the Kwid. The small crossover became a bestseller in the highly competitive market of the subcontinent because the French concentrate on the essentials. In other words, what is important to the increasingly demanding Indian car buyers without getting lost in an obsession with details that only drives the price up. Exactly this Recipe for success Renault now turns a class higher with the Triber at.

A high seating position provides an overview

The Renault Tiber can convince with a pleasing design.

The Renault Triber is actually more minivan than crossover, but looks more attractive. The indicated underbody protectionand the increased ground clearanceconvey Sovereignty and value. In addition, one is considered hip with an SUV on the subcontinent. With a Length of 3.99 metersyou get along well with him even in the hectic hustle and bustle of the Indian metropolises. Due to the higher seating position, you have a good view of the hustle and bustle of notchback sedans and small cars. At the Maneuveringhelps the backup camera.

Three rows of seats under four meters

Despite being less than four meters long, the Tiber has a third row of seats.

How about that Space and flexibilityout? Three rows of seatswith a length of less than four meters are worthy of all honor per se. But if there is not just a pseudo-ride-sharing option right at the back that is maximally suitable for children, then things will be more than interesting. Since the seats of the second rowwith can be folded forward in one movement, adults can get on the back seat without doing gymnastics. It is remarkable that adult people beyond 1.85 can find so much space that short trips are bearable.

Sitting far from European standards

Despite the low price: The French give the crossover a digital cockpit.

But they can't do magic at Renault either: Space is finite even in the Triber. So that is Trunkwith full seating with 84 litershardly worth mentioning. But the back seats are also quickly removed and then removed 625 liters from it. This is also due to the fact that the seats are simply designed. At the sight of the stalls on which the driver and front passenger sit down, the representatives of the "Aktion Gesunderback" would clap their hands over their heads. Yes, the support for the thighs is too short and there can be no question of lateral support, but that hardly plays a role in the stop-and-go traffic on India's streets When there is constant traffic jams in cities like Mumbai, you sit comfortably enough.

Three-cylinder sufficient for India

Even on the autobahn, people rarely drive faster than 100 km / h anyway. The three-cylinder gasoline engine, which with its 73 hp and maximum torque of 96 Newton meters is anything but a powerhouse, is sufficient for this. It is shifted with a manual five-speed gearbox. Soon there will be a turbocharged engine and an automatic system; you will look in vain for a diesel. The landing gear is comfortably tuned, irons away the obligatory potholes if possible and so goes very well with the Indian vibrating roads.

Lots of hard plastic in the interior

The interior is designed to be functional. There is air conditioning, but it only works manually.

in the interiorthe Renault business model also becomes clear: Focus on the essentials. At Indian temperatures there is one air conditioningalmost a mandatory number, even if it has no automatic. There is a cooled shelf in the center console for this. The cockpit has digital advertisementsand enables infotainment Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Everything is operated via an eight-inch touchscreen. Sounds familiar? It is. Global Renault technology is at work in the Triber. Slightly slimmed down compared to Europe, of course. Somehow the bill has to be with you Starting price of just under 6400 euros will work out. For comparison: The cheapest Renault SUV in Germany is the Captur with a base price of 17,950 euros. (Available at carwow.de with a saving of up to 7650 euros.) Instead of the remote control buttons, there is a plastic element in the steering wheel and you won't find any foamed surfaces either. Hard plastic, wherever the hand reaches and in between (for example in the door shelves) bare, uncovered screws. Nevertheless - mind VW - you get a lot of cars for the money at Renault.