How do I generate self-motivation

Self-praise stinks, at least that's what the vernacular says. But he's really not right about that. Because in some professions a healthy dose of self-praise is very important in order to be successful in the long term and your own Self motivation to maintain. This is especially true for Sales representative. They are often out and about alone and rarely see their colleagues. Then your motivation can go downhill. But that need not be. In this article, you will find out how you can achieve self-motivation in the field.

Be proud of your accomplishments

I did a great job! I am proud of myself! That was a success! Do you remember when you said such a sentence to yourself as self-motivation? For example, because you were able to convince a customer to sign a contract. Or because you have won a new customer for your company. You probably have to think for a while first. Not bad, it is quite normal that we mostly remember failures rather than successes. The reason for this is the inner attitude - or the weaker self.

It can be pretty nasty. He whispers to us that success in everyday working life is nothing special, but quite normal. On the other hand, we perceive failures as failures and we definitely don't want to repeat them. But that's not a bad thing, you might be thinking now. That's right, because wanting to avoid failures and therefore work even better is of course also a good means of self-motivation. But successes can do that too. The best way to do this is to keep a success diary. Here you make a note of when something went really well for which customer. Whenever you need a little self-motivation, just leaf through this book. In this way you become aware of how you have achieved success and you can see your great performance. That motivates in the long term.

Use the positive aspects of the job for self-motivation

No matter what you do in your job as a salesperson, something motivates you to do so. After all, man does all things in his life for whatever motivation. The important thing is that you ask yourself what exactly is your motivation. What do you like about your job What is he worth to you? And what opportunities does it bring you? The more specific your answers to these questions are, the better you can use them for self-motivation. Try to be aware of the positive sides of your job at all times and never let a negative mood arise.

Granted, that is sometimes easier said than done. Especially when you have made a mistake or a sales negotiation has broken off, it quickly happens that you perceive it as a failure. But you should avoid that. Because in every mistake there is an opportunity for improvement. What matters is your attitude. For self-motivation, your own thinking and self-reflection are the be-all and end-all. If you do your work with a positive attitude, it will be easier for you and you will be more successful overall. So: think positive!

Rely on the strength of satisfied customers

Customers who are happy with your work can also be a great self-motivation tool. On the one hand, they show you that you have done a very good job and that is always balm for the soul. On the other hand, there is the possibility that they recommend you - and you get the chance to inspire other people about you. But in order to do that, you have to motivate yourself over and over again. Because only when you are motivated can you get the best possible results for your customers.

Of course, having customers recommend you means a bit of work for you. Because they rarely do it all by themselves. But you can change that. After a successful conversation, ask them if they know someone you can help as a salesperson. By the way: Even if you cancel, this is a good method to get a little bit of success out of the appointment. A possible approach for this would be, for example, “Mr. Meier, we noticed in today's conversation that cooperation between our companies does not really make sense for both sides at the moment. Who can you think of for whom our service / product could currently be of interest? ”If you manage to generate a recommendation about it, you will have taken something positive with you from the conversation.

Psychology decides

In your job as a salesperson you are exposed to new situations, new companies and new people every day. I consciously say “delivered”, because despite all the preparation there is always a bit of uncertainty about the outcome of a sales pitch. That's why you shouldn't lean back after success, but keep working on yourself. This is especially important from a psychological point of view. After all, the desire for autonomy, competence and recognition is seen as an inner motor for personal development. And this engine wants to be kept running. You can do this especially when you master larger or smaller challenges in everyday working life, such as acquiring new customers, and thus have another reason to be proud of yourself. This is how self-motivation works.

But always remember - self-motivation or not - you also have to refresh the skills, knowledge and sales talent you need to sell on a regular basis. The world is constantly changing and so are your (potential) customers. That's why you should always be up to date with all your skills. This is the only way to successfully convince in the long run and keep your self-motivation at a high level.