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Patrick Eiden-Offe: Read Hegel's 'Logic'. A self-experiment

Matthes and Seitz Berlin, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783751803021, hardcover, 256 pages, 25.00 EUR
"The science of logic", according to Brecht "one of the greatest humorous works in world literature", is the dark heart of the Hegelian system. While Hegel has been with his legal philosophy for some time ...

Christian Neuhäuser (ed.) / Christian Seidel (ed.): Critique of Moralism

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783518299289, paperback, 490 pages, 28.00 EUR
In political debates and in the media, one can regularly hear and read that this should be allowed to moralize, because it leads to nothing, only turns people against each other and is even immoral. ...

Norbert Bolz: The avant-garde of fear

Matthes and Seitz Berlin, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783957579515, paperback, 191 pages, 14.00 EUR
The concern for the environment, the panic of the climate catastrophe and the mobilization against it have become the new German common sense of the 21st century. But wherever assessments and appropriate ...

Annemarie Pieper: Food for thought on our questions of meaning

Schwabe Verlag, Basel 2020
ISBN 9783796541780, paperback, 144 pages, 23.00 EUR
Questions of meaning are intrusive. You can neither be rejected nor belittled. Every day, decisions have to be made that require a solution that conforms to the situation and standards. Dive ...

Christina Pareigis: Susan Taubes. An intellectual biography

Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen 2020
ISBN 9783835337497, hardcover, 472 pages, 29.00 EUR
An intellectual biography about strangeness and placelessness, in writing as in life. When eleven-year-old Susan Taubes set foot in New York in April 1939 after a six-day ship passage, ...

Martin Heidegger: Lectures. Part 2: 1935 to 1967

Vittorio Klostermann Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2020
ISBN 9783465016984, paperback, 850 pages, 79.00 EUR
Edited by Günther Neumann. The second part of Martin Heidegger's "Lectures" comprises of his lectures given in the years 1935 to 1967 (including the earlier elaborations) ...