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K-Pop stands for Korean pop music. There are many different K-pop bands, including Chinese ones (with Korean and Chinese members). Songs from a band therefore often appear three times. Once as a Korean, once as a Chinese and once as a common version. In most of the songs there is not only singing but also rapping. The accompanying music videos also come in three versions. In a Korean version, in a Chinese version and in a version in which the members dance together. But when they perform, they don't split up. And if that is already too confusing: For bands that have only Korean or only Chinese members or simply too few members, this division is logically omitted.

Well-known bands in Asia as well as in Germany are called BTS, EXO, Big Bang, Got 7 and Black Pink. We briefly introduce them here:

BTS (Bangtan Boys)

The band was founded in June 2013. They have released ten albums so far and enjoy playing pranks on other celebrities.

The Bangtan Boys have seven members: Suga (24), Rap Monster (23), V (22), Jungkook (20), Jin (25), Jimin (22) and J-Hope (23).


EXO are divided into EXO-M and EXO-K. One part of the band sings Mandarin and performs in China, the other sings in Korean and performs in South Korea. EXO was founded in April 2014. The group has released nine albums so far, their nickname is "Wölfe". The band has a total of nine members: Baekhyun (25), Chanyeol (24), Lay (25), Xiumin (27), Chen (24), Sehun (23), Suho (26), DO (24) and Kai (23).

Big bang

The band was founded in 2006. Two years ago one of their songs made it onto German radio (“Bang Bang”). Big Bang has five members: G- Dragon (28), Teayang (29), Seungri (26), Daesun (28) and T.o.p. (29).


The band was formed in January 2014. She has released ten albums so far and has seven members: Mark (23), Jackson (23), Bam Bam (20), JB (23), Jinyoung (27), Youngjae (24) and Yugyeom (20).

Black pink

The band was founded in 2016, has released "only" two albums so far and is one of the most popular girl bands in Asia. The four members are called Jisoo (22), Jennie (21), Rose (20) and Lisa (20).

Text and selection: Cheyenn Bencic