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The depression: talk about it

Depression is a very common disease. It affects all social classes and all age categories. In Belgium, around 1 to 1.7 million people will suffer from depression at some point in their life.

Depression is a pathological condition characterized by sadness with emotional pain, a loss of self-respect and a decrease in psychomotor skills. It could be described as endless grief.

How can you recognize depression?

It is important to know that not every problem can be equated with depression. Anyone can experience difficult moments without falling into depression.

However, if a person has had at least 5 of the following symptoms for more than 2 weeks, and if their usual behavior changes, it makes sense to see a doctor.

  • Sad mood: the feeling that everything is bad, that everything is black
  • Decrease in interest or enjoyment in daily activities
  • Loss of energy or feeling tired
  • Sleep disorders: shortening or lengthening the sleep rhythm
  • Change in appetite: weight gain or loss
  • Concentration disorders: attention and concentration problems
  • Behavioral disorders: constant restlessness, nervousness and irritability or, on the contrary, slow movements, less expression on the face
  • The feeling of being useless: the person is degrading and no longer has self-respect
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-mutilation

The reasons

The causes vary from case to case. According to the experts, it is a combination of psychosocial and biological factors.

  • Psychosocial factors: age, gender, marital status, professional situation, grief, birth
  • Biological factors: hereditary factors, serious illness (AIDS, cancer)

How can you treat depression?

Depression is different for everyone. The disease may require antidepressant treatment and psychotherapy. Antidepressants are not drugs; they are medicines for depression. Treatment with antidepressants requires regular post-prescription medical attention. This medical care can be provided by a general practitioner or a psychiatrist.

What role does the environment play?

The environment plays an essential role in the treatment of the depressed patient. It is very important to listen to him. Never accuse a depressed person of being energetic or make them feel guilty.

We all have and keep potential and skills. The depressed people have lost their self-confidence and demean themselves. The environment should help them to gradually find this thirst for life back by accompanying them in their efforts.

Depression is neither a disease to be ashamed of nor a sign of weakness. Rapid diagnosis and listening to both family members and professionals help ensure treatment is effective and reduce the risk of relapse.

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