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Earnings of up to $ 503 million possible : NFL star Mahomes signs the best-funded contract in sports history

With the highest endowment contract in the sports world, football superstar Patrick Mahomes is advancing into gigantic dimensions, of all times, in Corona times. A ten-year deal with the prospect of more than half a billion dollars makes the quarterback of Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs the absolute heavyweight of the American football league NFL financially.

"We stay together. For a long time, ”it said in a video compilation with scenes from Mahomes, which he shared on Twitter after the extension was announced. And also: "We are hunting a dynasty."

$ 140 million is guaranteed to Mahomes

The numbers are impressive at first. Together with the salary for the last two years of his first contract, the 24-year-old will receive, according to information from several US media, 477 million US dollars (around 421.3 million euros) by the 2031 season, which will increase through bonuses to up to 503 million US dollars (around 444 million euros) can grow - 140 million dollars (around 123.6 million euros) are guaranteed to him under all circumstances.

Financially, he surpasses the previous record holder Mike Trout. The baseball player signed with the Los Angeles Angels for twelve years in March 2019 and will receive $ 426.5 million (around 376.5 million euros). Numerous colleagues congratulated on social networks, most of them under the tenor: The boy deserves it. "Pat Mahomes is worth every penny," tweeted ex-pro Darrelle Revis.

Because of his standing as the face of the league and his skills, he could have gotten even more money. In US sport, income and salary structures are more transparent than in any other system. So the interested fans learn that Mahomes earns $ 47 million less in the first year of the new contract than Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, for example. And otherwise was not after maximum profit.

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Of course, Mahomes doesn't play for free and makes a lot of money. But from the Chiefs' point of view, the new paper is combined with long-term security in the most important position and a lot of flexibility for the salaries of other professionals who should help the quarterback win more titles. And that's what Mahomes wants: to win.

Tom Brady won the Super Bowl six times during his time with the New England Patriots, more than any other quarterback in the history of the league. Brady, coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots dominated the NFL for years. Mahomes wants to measure himself against this, hence the reference to the "dynasty". He is on the right track.

He is the youngest quarterback in NFL history to have won the Super Bowl (2019 season) and the best player of a season award (2018) before his 25th birthday. In February, he led the Chiefs at the end of his only third NFL season in the final to a 31:20 against the San Francisco 49ers, although the team was ten points behind in the final quarter. The Chiefs last won the Super Bowl in 1970.

Mahomes has so far been noticed as a model professional

Like Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans and Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens, Mahomes is a representative of the new generation of black quarterbacks who interpret their position differently than Brady or Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. Mahomes, Watson and Jackson are not only good at throwing, they are also dangerous as running players.

The hitherto completely scandal-free and widely respected professional had recently clearly positioned himself against racism and was part of the video of black football players who accused the NFL of mistakes in dealing with the issue and forced the league to act.

People in Kansas City love him, and not just since winning the title in February. A story about Mahomes goes like this: Weeks before the Super Bowl victory, he was eating pizza with his girlfriend. Nobody asked for an autograph or a selfie. When leaving the shop, Mahomes stopped at the door, turned around and thanked him for being able to have a quiet dinner in his town. What he didn't say: He had taken over the bills for all the tables. Mahomes will have more opportunities for such gestures in the future. He also has the money to do it. (dpa)

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