How do you improve the ice cream parlor business

It takes a lot of courage and commitment to produce ice cream, unchanged since 1927. But we now know that these products have a special value. Handicraft is always better than an industrially manufactured product and there is a group of people behind it who you can see and talk to, who are convinced that they can make something that has a real claim.

For Easter in 1927, the first ice cream scoops were turned with one of the first drum ice machines. At the three tables in the anteroom of the Concordia cinema - I would like to note: this was a silent film cinema - you could already enjoy fresh vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream and of course chocolate ice cream with Charly Chaplin and Buster Keaton. This was unique for the Klosterstrasse in Berlin and just as the business developed, the sound film came to Spandau and the cinema was renamed Regina. Here you could already enjoy four varieties, maybe even five varieties, because hazelnut and gooseberry have been added. It would have been great if Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel could have nibbled here, but they could only be seen on screen.

In 1944/45 there was an interruption due to the destruction of Berlin, but the ice cream sale was already underway again in the summer of 1945, in a wooden shed.

In 1953 an ice cream parlor was reopened at the same location in the newly built house. Quality was still the driving force and thus a small ice cream parlor with two employees became a bigger one and then a really big one. This happened in 1985 and with it began a new contemporary history. Olaf Höhn was the new owner with the pastry chef, Simone Gürgen, who had been working there for years. This symbiosis and the new name Florida Eis were the cornerstone of a company that always wanted to stand out from industrial products.

It wasn't until many years later, after another coffee shop opened to meet demand, that the grocery trade came to Florida ice cream and wanted the freezer shelves and freezers filled as well.

In 2009 Florida Eis supplied seven customers in Spandau. This soon grew to 150 and today there are almost 2000, which are supplied across Berlin and Germany.

There has been a lot of experimentation and development. There have been decisions that have been rolled back and others that have proven the way forward for Florida Ice Cream. Handicraft was started and Florida ice cream is 100% handicraft production, which is unique in Germany in this form. Those who are so committed and value quality also know that climate protection is just as much a part of it. Florida Eis has been a climate protection company since 2013 and is involved in many areas to make a contribution to environmental protection.

We have become a model company for the federal government when it comes to climate protection. So several thousand interested people from all over the world visited us to take a look at these technologies.

Regardless of whether it is energy recovery from the refrigeration machines, coupled with solar thermal energy and one of the first large adsorption refrigeration systems - we have already managed to generate over 2000 tons of CO2 Saving, supported by photovoltaics, foam glass gravel for super insulation in the deep-freeze area.

If we run out of energy in the winter months, we have a pellet heater and this is equipped with the first electronic fine dust filter that was developed.

Funded by the Federal Environment Ministry, we are researching electromobility for trucks in city centers, supported by the Fraunhofer Institute Dortmund, the Fulda University of Applied Sciences and the TU Berlin. We have a special assignment here, because our vehicles are already running with a rechargeable freezer, so that the electric drive is the optimal solution here.

We store heat in large tanks and cold in our own permafrost soil.

Our company car is already electric, and the first trucks will also be available in the coming year.

We also have visions and want to get out of the first CO2-neutral production the first worldwide CO2- make free ice production. The ice cream should be delivered with electric vehicles and CO2-Neutral in the grocery store or come to you directly.

To optimize this, we developed the first smart freezer - it knows what's inside. So we know the stocks and can deliver on time. Consumers can use the website to find out whether their favorite variety is still in stock in their grocery store. This knowledge is of great importance for logistics and the associated reduction in energy consumption.

Florida ice cream proved in 2018 that CO2-Neutrality with an artisanal production and delicious Florida ice cream is a viable concept. The consumer wants to make quality without air surcharge and at the same time make a contribution to climate protection.

After more than 90 years of ice cream production in Berlin Spandau, we can rightly claim that Florida Eis Manufaktur is a company with ethical standards.