Sunscreen has some side effects

Smeared: Why too much sunscreen can be dangerous

And the misjudgment is not the only danger from the suntan lotion tube: If you google for the terms sunscreen and danger, you can quickly get the feeling that we are smearing pure poison on the skin, which is all the more causing cancer, causing our skin to swell up and allergic upsets our hormone levels.

Alternative health websites advise you to smear yourself with sesame or coconut oil. But you owe a forecast of how long you will be allowed to lie in the sun.

The good news first: Many of the substances that are suspected of being harmful to health are banned in Switzerland anyway. And at least products for sensitive skin and children's skin largely do without allergenic perfumes.

Nevertheless, the sunscreen remains under discussion. It was not until the spring of 2019 that a US study (published in the journal Jama) showed that the ingredients get into the blood faster and in higher concentrations than previously assumed. Further investigations are to follow.

"Sun cream is definitely more useful than it is harmful", says Natalie von Götz, Senior Scientist and Lecturer at the ETH Zurich at the Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering. In 2015, she examined how much sunscreen the Swiss use and whether chemical UV filters are applied in questionable amounts. In doing so, she found out: Swiss people cream themselves, and especially their children, too often with questionable substances.