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Kettlebell: Test & comparison (05/2021) of the best kettlebells

We have checked this test & comparison (05/2021) in the current month and updated the descriptions of individual products. Our recommendations are still up to date. Last update on: 03/20/2021
Welcome to the reviews of the Kettlebell Test 2021. Our editorial team shows you all the kettlebells we have examined. We have put together all the information we were able to get and also show you an overview of the customer reviews we found on the web. We want you Purchase decision and help you to find the best kettlebell for you. We will give you the right answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the advisory area and for the product. Test videos shouldn't be missing, but unfortunately they weren't always available. Of course, there is also other important information that should help you find the right one Kettlebell to buy.

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Buying advice: the most important things in a nutshell

Kettlebells are training weights that can overshadow many other machines. An effective full-body workout can be completed with just one kettlebell.
Kettlebells are available in different designs and materials. Models made of steel are mainly found in the competition area, pieces for the home gym are mostly made of cast iron or plastic with filling.
There are a few quality features that speak for a good copy. This includes, for example, the handle, which must not be subsequently welded on, as well as a coating or coating, which is often intended to protect not only the training device, but also the floor.

Ranking: This is our assessment of the kettlebells

1st place: POWRX kettlebell neoprene 2-26 kg incl. Workout

The POWRX neoprene dumbbells are very suitable for general strength training, body shaping and cardio training. Overall, training with kettlebells is considered very strenuous and effective. Almost all exercises require the interaction of several muscle groups, which also strengthens your deeper muscles. The swing in the kettlebell exercises increases the weight of the dumbbell, so you can achieve maximum training success in a shorter time. The kettlebell lies securely in the hand and has an optimal grip size. So you can fully concentrate on the correct execution. The high-quality and stylish neoprene coating ensures low-noise storage and is gentle on the floor.

2nd place: Cast iron kettlebell for strength training

Kettlebell made of high quality cast iron, carefully processed. The surface is protected with a special paint. Kettlebells are powder coated, which offers additional visual benefits. Thick handle for safe and comfortable training. Perfect for muscle building and balance.

3rd place: Klarfit Adjustabell Adjustable Kettlebell

With the Klarfit Adjustabell, our adjustable kettlebell, training becomes a full-body workout - and the best thing about it: With its clever adjustment mechanism, it replaces as many as five kettlebells. For everyone who wants to build up their muscles, increase their strength and at the same time do something for their endurance and coordination skills, the Klarfit Adjustabell adjustable kettlebell is exactly the right training device. Thanks to its special spherical shape with handle, it enables a variety of special exercises that do not appear in the repertoire of normal dumbbell training. The advantages lie in the increased demands on coordination.

4th place: Pure2Improve Kettlebell 10 kg black cross & strength training

Kettlebells have been an integral part of the sports world for many years. The dumbbells are very efficient for any strength and endurance training. The entire body and especially the back, legs, arms and shoulders are involved and strengthened in the exercises. Thanks to the 'different' grip than dumbbells, kettlebells have many options for varying the training. So all exercises with swinging the weight are very effective, here also the support from the weight distribution of the kettlebell counts. But also deadlifts, crunches and pushups and much more. can be perfectly integrated into the workout here. For the 10 kg dumbbell you should already have experience in kettlebell training for a safe workout.

5th place: METIS neoprene kettlebell - from 4kg to 20kg | Training at home

7 weights options - the weights are sold separately and are available in 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg & 20kg. Please note: The images are for illustration purposes only. You may receive a different color weight than the one in the pictures. Sturdy fabric - made from cast iron and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Non-slip exterior - every kettlebell has a latex-free, non-slip neoprene exterior for a high level of comfort

Kettlebell at Stiftung Warentest

When we searched the consumer portals of Stiftung Warentest (www.test.de) or Konsument.at (comparable in Austria) we could not find a kettlebell test. We have therefore compiled the information that we could find on the Internet about the individual providers and their kettlebells and show them in comparison. We also looked at other sites that publish tests themselves and let their results flow into our texts.

Stiftung Warentest

Our guide area: Important questions and answers that you should pay attention to before buying a kettlebell

Formerly under the term "Round weight"Known, sometimes also called" kettlebell "in Germany, has become the Kettlebell meanwhile developed into an extremely popular training device. Visually - at least the iron version - is reminiscent of a cannonball with a fixed handle. However, the bottom is flattened so that the weight can be put down. The training device originally comes from Russia and is used in particular for the To train strength endurance. This is achieved through a maximum number of repetitions of motion sequences at a given time. But not only that Strength endurance is improved - The cannon-like dumbbell can be used variably and should not be missing in any home gym. Because, according to some scientific research, it belongs Kettlebell training one of the most effective fitness methods and promotes movements that are needed in everyday life. In addition to building strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed are also improved. The name comes from English. Kettle means something like "boiler“Because, in addition to a cannonball, there is also a certain resemblance to an old, heavy one Kettle given is. Bell means "Bell jar". The ending "Bell"Is often used in English for weights in sports, for example a dumbbell is called"dumbell". There are now Ball dumbbell in different designs. In this guide you will find out what is important when buying and what else you should pay attention to.

What are the benefits of kettlebells?

Training with a Kettlebell is effective and not only trains your strength, but also many other properties. This includes the following aspects in particular:

  • Muscle building
  • condition
  • Fat loss

Muscle building: It is also true Kettlebell is not a silver bulletto look like Arnold Schwarzenegger - but a workout can certainly strain the muscles of the entire body. This is due to the fact that several muscle chains are stressed by the swinging execution. The famous Kettlebell Swing exercise alone trains legs, back, buttocks, shoulders and triceps in one. Condition: Many exercises are performed quickly and there are significantly more repetitions than with classic strength training. This promotes your condition. So do you train regularly, you should soon notice a significantly better endurance. Fat Loss: Training with the Kettlebell is very intense and burns tons of calories. It can help you lose weight and is also fun. However, such a training device is not a silver bullet either. If you want to lose fat, you need to maintain a calorie deficit and consume enough protein. These are the technical training advantages. But they are far from the only ones. In addition, that is Kettlebell training extremely versatile as there are over 500 exercises. Each individual exercise demands several muscle groups at the same time, which saves you valuable time and still allows you to train your whole body. In addition, the kettlebells do not take up much space and can be placed in any free corner. They can even be stowed well in a travel bag, but they add weight. Last but not least, they are Acquisition costs are manageable. High quality kettlebells are not cheap, but if you outweigh their benefits, they are more than worth your money and last forever.

Who is the training for?

In principle, this is suitable Kettlebell training for everyone who wants to increase their fitness efficiently. You can also do other sports with one Kettlebell workout as it can also efficiently increase performance for other sports. Martial artists particularly benefit from this because the training is the Tension and stability of the body promotes. The kettlebell can also be a valuable addition to other weight training and as a short and intensive cardio unitbe attached to the regular workout. The various exercises enable both holistic and targeted training. If Fitness junkie or beginner athlete - anyone can start training. There are different dumbbells in different weight classes for every fitness level and different exercises. There are also differences in terms of size and design. Only if you have back problems should you consult a doctor before the first training session. However, with the right plan, it can even help relieve pain. Same goes for Shoulder or neck problems.

What distinguishes a high quality kettlebell?

With a large number of manufacturers and providers, there are a few important aspects that you should pay attention to in order to purchase a high quality training device to find. The following points are important:

  • The handle must not be welded on afterwards, otherwise it can loosen over time.
  • The handle should not be too rough, otherwise you will with Gloves have to work if you want to avoid uncomfortable bubbles.
  • When exercising at home, a Model with rubber cover worth it. This muffles noise and reduces quirks in the floor.
  • There are Specimens with vinyl jacket. Although this is chic, it can also distract you from poor workmanship with some pieces.

Where can I buy kettlebells?

The small round dumbbells are now popular equipment in home gymnastics. Therefore, they are now offered at different addresses. Just about every sports shop has different ones Sizes and weight classes in his range. Many department stores also offer the weights and you can even find something in one or the other supermarket. Are you looking for a specific one Weight or special features, so you can also move your search to the Internet. The following pages have the training weights in their range:

  • Amazon.de
  • Decathlon.de
  • Gorillasports.de
  • Kettlebellshop.de
  • Kuebler-sport.de
  • Real.de
  • Sport-thieme.de
  • Sport-tiedje.de

What do kettlebells cost?

The costs depend on various criteria. The quality, the material and the brand in particular can drive up the price. In addition, the following applies: the heavier, the more expensive. Competition Kettlebells are particularly expensive, but are often referred to as the best models. A copy of eight kilos cost 30 to 40 euros. Other pieces, on the other hand, only cost about half the price. For dumbbells weighing 32 kilograms, the price of a competition model quickly rises to up to 100 euros. Cast iron pieces rather go easy on the wallet. Here you have to invest an average of 60 to 70 euros, but you can already find pieces for around 50 euros.

Make your purchase decision: Which of the presented kettlebells suits you best?

There are now three different types of kettlebells on the market:

  • Fitness kettlebells
  • Competition kettlebells
  • Variable weight kettlebells

What distinguishes the variants from each other and which Advantages and disadvantages bring them with them, you will find out below.

The handle is the be-all and end-all. It must neither be too slippery nor so rough that it rubs over the long term. Especially with heavy weights, you should be able to hold it safely with 2 hands. It should also be about a fist's width from the ball.

What is a fitness kettlebell?

These models are either made of cast iron or made of filled plastic and are also called "Classic kettlebell". Depending on the weight, the parts vary in size. The pieces - regardless of the material - In contrast to other variants, they are quite inexpensive and hardly require any space due to their compact size. However, many experts rather recommend iron kettlebells, as the processing of the plastic copies is sometimes not particularly high-quality. Fitness kettlebells are not suitable for competitions, however, as they do not have a standardized size. Due to the wide handle, on the other hand, you can use it for two-handed exercises, such as the kettlebell swing or deadlifts. For the home gym, the "Classic kettlebell“So ideally suited.


  • Good value for money
  • Space-saving storage possible
  • Ideal for two-handed training


  • Not suitable for competitions
  • Small specimens have a poor stability

What is a competition kettlebell?

How the word "Competition“Already suggests, these models are specially created for competitions. Their stability and good handling make them excellent competition equipment. They are made of steel and have the same size regardless of weight. Some of the kettlebells are hollow on the inside and filled with different materials. They are marked with different colors depending on their weight. In contrast to the fitness kettlebell, the Competition copies using smaller handles, all of which are standardized. This is because when competing, all exercises are done with one hand. In addition, they have a wider base than many other models and are therefore much more stable than the classic models. The weights are ideal for this. In comparison to Classic kettlebell the competition models are a bit more expensive. This is mainly due to the more complex manufacturing process.


  • Standardized size and grip width create the same conditions
  • Suitable for competitions
  • Very stable
  • Ideal for one-handed exercises


  • Bulky
  • Grip too small for two-handed exercises
  • Higher acquisition costs

What are variable weight kettlebells?

In the meantime you can always find more often kettlebells with adjustable weight. There are specimens that are filled with sand or steel balls, but also those that can be weighed down by water. With still others you have to do additional ones Weight plates attach. The biggest advantage of these pieces is that high flexibilitythat comes with the variable weight. But that's where it ends with the positive properties. On the other hand, it is negative that the adjustable specimens are often much more difficult to swing. In addition, it is often very difficult to change your weight. The handle also has rather impractical dimensions. In addition, the models are also quite expensive.


  • Weight can be varied flexibly


  • Laborious
  • Worse swing characteristics
  • Often very expensive

What are the purchase criteria and how can you compare the individual kettlebells with one another?

Even if one Kettlebell is simply a weight ball with a handle, you should still not reach for the first model that comes with it. Because like you from the previous sections have already learned, there are numerous differences. In order to still find the right models for your very special needs, the following criteria help:

  • Weight
  • size
  • Type
  • material
  • Handle
  • Sheathing
  • filling


This point is the most important in your decision. Because in order to get the best out of your training, the Kettlebell not too difficult, but not too easy either.The former increases the risk of injury, while the latter makes the workout too easy. Nevertheless, if in doubt, you should rather go for a lighter weight. Finally, you can intensify the training with heavier exercises or more repetitions. Ideally, you can do it right away several different Weights to get the most out of your workout.


Compared to a All round dumbbells are extremely space-saving. However, there are also differences here. But size is not only important when stowing away, but also during the actual workout. If you want to integrate a swing into regular training, you should use a model that fits through your legs without any problems. Suitable for this Fitness kettlebells best, which are mostly made of cast iron. Since they have no cavities, they are small and handy. The advantage in the competition Kettlebells however, is the standardized size. So you don't have to change each time you want to change your weight and you can always use the same technique.


The three types of Kettlebells You have already got to know their advantages and disadvantages. Although variable weight models are extremely flexible and one is enough only copy for different weights. However, they are impractical in all other respects and also expensive. Also competition Kettlebells are very expensive and especially popular with professional athletes. They enable perfect handling in one-handed exercises and are particularly suitable for competition. On the other hand, fitness kettlebells are the cheapest and are usually completely sufficient for home gymnastics. Exercises like deadlifts or swings and others Movement sequencesthat train a large number of muscles at the same time are ideally feasible. Incidentally, many professional athletes also use these models before they later use the Competition pieces change.


Most exercise weights are made of cast iron, steel, or filled plastic. While steel is particularly shatterproof, the other two materials can break. Still, most of them are Fitness kettlebells made of cast iron, therefore very stable and space-saving. However, if they fall on a hard surface, they can still break. However, the most fragile specimens are made of plastic. Most have seams that can open. This allows part of the filling to run out. However, plastic is evident softer than Cast iron or steell. This makes the variant particularly floor-friendly. The competition kettlebells are mostly made of steel. Although they can get some quirks with repeated use, they will not break. So that they last a long time, they are often with a Protective varnish coated. The same applies to cast iron specimens.

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We have checked this test & comparison (05/2021) in the current month and updated the descriptions of individual products. Our recommendations are still up to date. Last update on: May 2nd, 2021
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High quality kettlebells are from a single source. This means that the handle was never welded on afterwards. In addition, the surface and thickness of the handle also play a decisive role. Handles welded on afterwards break much faster and should therefore be avoided. In addition, the surface should not be too rough, otherwise there is a risk of bubbles. However, if the handle is too smooth, it can quickly become slippery. in the If in doubt, you can train with glovesn. This protects your hands from blisters and makes them slip-proof. The thickness of the handle is also not unimportant. Especially with small hands, you should prefer a model with a thin grip. To be on the safe side with regard to the Handle thickness you can with Competition kettlebellswalk. Here each handle has a standardized thickness of 33 mm.


Most models have a jacket. This can be from Lacquer, neoprene or vinyl consist. Rubber or neoprene is primarily intended to protect the floor from dents. However, if the kettlebell is particularly heavy or lands on the floor with a lot of force, the casing - no matter how good it may be - brings very little. Vinyl coats have a less protective character and are mainly used for visual purposes. Cast iron specimens often get by with a layer of lacquer and without an additional coat. But this is not a disadvantage if you are using a Fall protection mat or work outdoors. However, most paintwork will peel off over time and leave unsightly surfaces behind.


Not every The kettlebell has a filling. Pieces of cast iron as well Competition kettlebells can do without. This can be an advantage, as this then cannot be self-employed. Plastic models, on the other hand, usually have a filling. The body is quite stable and can hold the filling for at least a few years. Particularly affordable models on the other hand, can burst more quickly and lose some of the filler material. This is especially annoying if you are doing an exercise where you keep the weight above your head, such as the clean and jerk.

Interesting facts about kettlebells - expert opinions and legal information

How do I train with a kettlebell?

As a beginner, the various options in the Kettlebell training quickly overwhelmed. However, it is important that you do not overdo yourself as a beginner, otherwise the risk of injury increases. However, two special exercises are also quite feasible as a beginner:

  • Kettlebell Swing: Here you swing the kettlebell through your legs up to chest height. The body remains under tension.
  • Turkish Get Up: Here you get up from lying down in a special sequence of steps and positions and hold the weight with your arm upwards. Numerous YouTube videos show you exactly how this works.

Also Squats, deadlifts or cleans are good basic exercisesthat are doable as a beginner. It is best to work on your coordination at the beginning and start with a few repetitions. It is also worthwhile if you are just getting started with the Training with a trained trainer go through. This is useful because incorrectly performed exercises can increase the risk of injury.

Are there alternatives to the kettlebell?

Unlike other weights such as dumbbells, the kettlebells have a number of advantages. Many muscles are trained at once by swinging designs. This makes it a suitable training device - whether for beginners or professionals. Clubbells are closely related Kettlebells related. They are very reminiscent of a cone or a stick. They are also designed for lively exercises, but in contrast to the ball dumbbells are more suitable for experienced athletes.

What do experts say about kettlebells?

Even if the sports equipment is becoming more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts, consumer magazines such as Stiftung Warentest or Öko-Test have not yet dealt with them. If you look at our neighboring countries in Austria or Switzerland, it looks no different. You are also looking for a review at Konsument.at Kettlebells vain. The Swiss consumer portal ktipp.ch has also waived a comparison so far. At least there are several articles on the portal about sports weights, for example, introducing exercises or the connection between Kettlebell training and health of seniors and elderly people.

What are the legal requirements to be observed?

The TÜV is a big player in Germany when it comes to Commodities to check their function, durability, handling and processing. Fitness equipment is also used regularly by the association checked and tested. Their internationally recognized test marks offer consumers valuable decision-making support, provide information that the products meet the requirements of the Product Safety Act and thus increase this Trust in quality and safety of the sports equipment. Also Kettlebells can be provided with a TÜV sticker and other certificates. This includes, for example, the GS mark, which is a passed security check documented the kettlebell. The Q mark can also be found on one or the other part. In addition to security, it also stands for the individual functionality of the device. So if you are unsure about the quality, you should look out for the certificates.

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