What is an HD Quad Core Processor

Quad-core processor in the smartphone

At the Quad core processor is it a Microprocessor with four cores. Like a single or dual core CPU, it controls all processes in the smartphone or tablet PC. Because a total of four processing units are available, performance and efficiency increase in multitasking and general system administration. There are other performance benefits when the system is based on a 64-bit architecture, as is the case with many PCs and notebooks.

About Quad-Core Processors

The increase in performance from a single to four computing cores is considerable. The increasing range of mobile entertainment offered by HD smartphones that play elaborately programmed games and apps has increased the need for quad-core CPUs. Qualcomm produces various series of cell phone processors under the name Snapdragonthat have four mostly symmetrical (i.e. the same) cores. When using several apps at the same time, the CPU calculates in parallel. The individual program contents respectively Threads are distributed evenly across all cores, so that a smooth performance is possible. If only one app or game is active on the operating system, the threads of this app are distributed to the four cores. The higher performance results in higher energy consumption. That is why some manufacturers equip their cell phones additionally with a single-core processor which replaces the quad-core CPU in standby mode.

What smartphones with a quad-core CPU can do

Quad-core processors have become popular in smartphones with a focus on multimedia or business functions with clock rates of around 2 gigahertz per processor core established. The spread does not stop at the segment of cheap smartphones for beginners, so that the devices achieve a high performance when playing different content as well as when multitasking regardless of the operating system. Depending on the equipment and the clock rate, smartphones with quad-core processors handle various Internet applications, 3D games or HD films without delays or jerking. For this reason, the CPUs are particularly relevant for tablet PCs in addition to smartphones.

When smartphones need a quad-core processor

If the focus is on very good performance, quad-core processors for smartphones are the standard. Some models are with two coupled quad-core processors, the so-called octa-core CPUs, so that the devices achieve higher performance. Especially big ones Phablet format smartphones, which manufacturers develop for a large number of applications, require a powerful processor with multiple computing cores. Thanks to the built-in quad-core CPU (in this case with a clock rate of 2.5 gigahertz), smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 offer users many functions that go beyond making calls and surfing on mobile websites. The following applies: The higher the demands on the smartphone, the more the processor has to perform.

Which phones are equipped with a quad-core processor

The quad-core processor is widely used in smartphones in all price segments. Cheaper variants often use a CPU with two processing cores, but quad-core processors are represented in all price brackets. It is only crucial that that Multi-core operating system is. Common versions of Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone, which are mainly installed on Nokia smartphones, support the parallel processing of apps. When buying a new cell phone, it is therefore sufficient to take a look at the features if a quad-core processor is desired.