What is past life and regression therapy

Repatriation in Berlin - regression (in previous lives)

With a regression, people dare a new beginning. The expert Dr. Birgit Zottmann recommends contacting an expert in the event of a regression or regression. Because then the chances of success - namely a solution to problems in the present life through a trip to a previous life - are particularly great. The client discovers his hidden past, finds answers to probing questions and learns to understand himself better and thus to accept himself - but also to change his behavior for the better. And in this way he has a competent partner at his side.

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A regression in Berlin opens the door for a path to oneself. With regression, regression and reincarnation therapy, it is a question of a new approach to one's own soul, which is linked to insights that one will never forget. And these insights are the key to self-healing in many cases. It is important that you have an experienced guide by your side on this path - for example Dr. Birgit Zottmann. Because the specialist knowledge of a competent therapist protects against damage that is often caused by charlatans in this area. When a previously unknown insight is painful, a competent expert will help process and transform negative feelings into positive behaviors.

The way to a new future

Repatriation is not only a release from the burden of the past, but at the same time the path to a new future. Many people who have undertaken a regression in Berlin finally get answers to questions that they have always asked themselves through the experience of a previous life: Why do I keep making the same mistakes and not learning from them? Why do I keep coming across people who are not doing me good? Why can't I find a way out of recurring patterns that prevent me from developing myself and fulfilling my life's desires? These answers can often also be found through a regression that leads the client into earlier phases of life, which the psyche has, however, displaced.

Constraints that one understands intellectually, but whose strength one is repeatedly subject to, often have their origin in the experiences of a previous life or a very early phase in the present life. These experiences leave their mark on the soul. A repatriation in Berlin resolves these constraints. The rediscovery of the self sometimes removes blockages as if by itself. This enables deep and lasting healing of the psyche. Dr. Birgit Zottmann reports on many amazing successes with regression. Many clients also come to the therapist who are just curious and want to try out whether they discover new things.


The regression in Berlin is a way to yourself. Regression is a sub-area of ​​hypnosis therapy that usually leads back to the days of childhood. But meditation and breathing techniques can also be used on this journey into your own past. Traumatic experiences that are shifted from the psyche - for very selfish reasons - into the subconscious, cause compulsions, blockages and fears that make everyday life difficult for many people. Regression therapy calls these repressed experiences into consciousness. And only then is psychological healing possible.

With regression, past lives become present; with regression therapy, buried memories are recovered. Traumas come back into consciousness - this is the first prerequisite for releasing the constraints that have arisen as a result of these experiences. A reincarnation therapist like Dr. Birgit Zottmann goes even further and leads the client into another time - before the birth, into a previous life that has left its mark on the present. It is clear: The possibility of an earlier life has not yet been scientifically proven, but many testimonials are simply amazing.

Why do people want repatriation in Berlin or regression? There are many reasons:

  • mental suffering like depression, fears, phobias
  • The desire to do something To discover new thingsthat goes beyond the boundaries of what is previously known
  • Trauma
  • unprocessed Blows of fate (Death, sadness, separation ...)
  • Self-discovery
  • Marriage / partnership problems, sexual problems, family stress
  • (Burn-out, pressure to perform, fear of change ...)
  • Blockages inside and outside
  • Search for the Life work
  • Personal and philosophical debates with the Dying and death
  • Search of the Soul mate
  • search for special talents, skills and inclinationsthat could be valuable for this life

Basically, regression is a path to self-discovery, but sometimes it is just curiosity and the urge for new philosophical insights that lead to the desire for regression. Physical symptoms and trauma also often trigger the desire to get to the real root of the problem. Clients who seek the help of Dr. Looking for Birgit Zottmann, I keep coming back with the same questions: Where is my life's work that I haven't yet recognized? Who is my soul mate? Why do I have a very specific inclination or a very specific aversion? Why do I suffer from fears that I cannot explain to myself?

Isn't regression esoteric nonsense?

But isn't reincarnation or regression in Berlin really esoteric nonsense? Sure: there is no concrete evidence of the possibility of a previous life. But there are success reports that cannot be explained otherwise than by the fact that there are connections for which we would otherwise lack the senses. The reports by family therapist Ann Barham and psychiatrist and doctor Brian Weiss should be mentioned here in particular. Reincarnation therapies go one step further by giving the client access to phases between different lives.

A very good summary of the history of reincarnation and the position of the various religions can be found on Wikipedia.

Whoever is with Dr. Zottmann informed about the chances of reincarnation therapy and repatriation, can be sure of the seriousness of the counseling. This is not about esoteric questions of faith, but about proven therapeutic success and concrete healing. Anyone who wants to find out more about a repatriation in Berlin should be especially on the lookout for charlatans. Many a trip into the past can lead to trauma if it is not accompanied by a competent expert. The therapist Dr. Birgit Zottmann takes you by the hand with her experience and expertise on this journey. This is how you benefit from regression - and lay the foundation for positive changes in your current life.

If you like to get some information about Hypnosis, Past life Regression and Spiritual regression hypnotherapy, take a look here