Ajax Barca or Liverpool who is the champion

Cl semifinals without German clubs | Which club you have to keep your fingers crossed for now

Dream evenings from today in the Champions League - with a catch: After Bayern, Dortmund and Schalke were knocked out of the round of 16, there is no German team.

Instead, the semi-finals today are Tottenham against Ajax and tomorrow Barcelona against Liverpool (both games from 9 p.m. live on Sky and DAZN (advertisement) as well as in the BILD live ticker). BILD shows, depending on what type of football fan you are, whom you have to keep your fingers crossed for.

Tottenham - for football insiders with a penchant for the underdog

Do you love a breath of fresh air, are you happy when the traditional clubs sit on the throne? Then Tottenham is for you!

The London borough club is in the Champions League semi-finals for the first time. Greatest successes at European level so far: Cup winners' Cup in 1963 and Uefa Cup winners in 1972 and 1984. Last semifinals with the national champions: 57 years ago. The last English championship was 58 years ago.

And the Spurs are THE outsider to the title. At least with the betting providers. "You have to settle your dreams in or behind infinity," said coach Mauricio Pochettino yesterday. And Dortmund (3-0 and 1-0 in the round of 16) and ManCity (1-0 and 3: 4 in the quarter-finals) already felt that the Spurs are tough. Nevertheless, top performers and playing style are probably only known to real insiders.

And you can also feel sorry for Tottenham. Because the English are properly weakened. Especially in a storm. England captain and top star Harry Kane is injured, former Bundesliga professional Heung-Min Son is yellow-banned.

Tip: As a Dortmund fan, you should definitely keep up with the Spurs. Then in the case of the title you can at least say that you were kicked out against the eventual winner. And that you've always said it anyway ...

Bundesliga fans are right at Klopp

If you are a Klopp fan, one thing is for sure: Liverpool!

After the bitter bankruptcy in the final including Karius-Patzer last season (1: 3 against Real Madrid), the Reds are now trying to win the first title under the German. In the championship, Guardiola has to slip up with ManCity for the title on the last two game days. Success in Europe is almost more likely ...

At Klopp, it has always been the case: All fans of the football pedal that are depressed are right with him. Lots of heart, lots of power, lots of running. Liverpool have never been as good as this season under Klop. And with the attack department Salah / Firmino / Mané and the best defense in England, he has something to offer for both offensive and defensive fans.

In addition, the troop is peppered with ex-Bundesliga stars (Firmino, Matip, Keita, Shaqiri, Origi). And as a proverb knockers and hobby statisticians you are right with the Reds: Both Klopp and Liverpool lost the last two Champions League finals in which they stood. All good things come in threes, right?

With Barca you have the best chances

Do you like football culture? Well then please! Standard quote from FC Barcelona fans: “Barca only win the Champions League every few years. But they always play the best football. ”This season, both could well happen again at the same time.

Messi & Co. have already been confirmed as champions (for the eighth time in the past eleven years, so much on the subject of the best football) and are in the cup final against Valencia. You're still unbeaten in the premier class. In the league you have two bankruptcies out of 35 games. And Lionel Messi once again with more goals than games across all competitions (46 hits in 45 games). Coach Valverde: "We won't apologize for having him."

And Barca is just the thing for fans of success. The Catalans certainly have the highest chance of celebrating with the title holder at the end of the day. It is actually astonishing that the betting providers are still accepting bets on the top favorites.

In addition: The proponents of a change of power in the DFB goal think for Barca. Because with his then second Champions League victory, Marc-Andre ter Stegen (27) would collect more prestige plus points in the duel with Manuel Neuer. After all, titles are the best arguments for a regular place.

Bayern fans prefer Ajax

Everything used to be better in football and the current transfer fees are causing you a toothache? Then only Ajax, the current favorite of all football nostalgics, works for you.

However: The story of the self-made semi-finalist who only relies on his own talents sounds good - please be careful when telling the story! Yes, Ajax has produced one of the best youth academies in world football and top performers like the defensive aces de Ligt and Veltman or the midfield stars de Jong and van de Beek. But Ajax can also spend money. Even if the 115 million euros in the past three seasons sound like change compared to the other semi-finalists (Barca 613 million, Liverpool 436 million, Tottenham 276 million).

As an Ajax thumb press, you can also adorn yourself with feathers such as “youngest team in the semifinals” and “most spectacular combination football”. The only problem: you are not alone. “Who loves football, loves Ajax” was the headline of BILD about the hurray style with which Ajax successively eliminated Real (1: 2 and 4: 1) and Juve (1: 1 and 2: 1).

As a Bayern fan, you should still declare Ajax your second club this season. Because that opens up statements like "I said after the first leg that they would go far" (Bayern was badly thrown through in the group stage at 1-1 in Munich, second leg 3: 3) or "He learned everything from us" (Ajax coach Erik ten Hag coached Bayern's second team from 2013 to 2015).

And there is great satisfaction when Ajax also defeats Tottenham and in the end really wins the first Champions League victory since 1995, at the very end: "The only team that has not lost to the premier class this season?" artistic break. "Well, one thing is clear: Bavaria!"

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