What is the audio codec for PCM


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The PCM file type is usually entered in the system as "Pulse Code Modulation". It is possible that these files were created with different codecs, which is why converting or playing these audio files does not always work. Usually this error can be fixed by installing a codec pack as well.

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Can't access PCM files under Windows?

If you receive the Windows error message "Cannot open PCM files" or "The following file cannot be opened", it means that no appropriate player has been installed for this music file.

Converter for PCMs

To convert PCM files you use ...

... under Windows

Convert PCM files to another format

Are you stuck with the PCM format? Here you can find Converters that convert a PCM file into another format can. Then you can continue working with this file. Alternatively, you can also use the converter to compress, the target files are then much smaller and are easier to share, for example, or are easier to archive.

Select the appropriate conversion process from the list in order to list programs that can convert PCM files into this target format.